Volkswagen's Malai accelerates the failure
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Volkswagen Bora runs a mileage of about 90 thousand km, equipped with the 01M automatic transmission 2009 Volkswagen bora. Users reflect the car's acceleration. After receiving the car: the maintenance personnel tried the car and found that the vehicle was slow and the engine speed increased to more than 3000 r/min. The transmission was only replaced by 3 gears. This is obviously abnormal. First, check the torque control of the engine. Through stall test, it is found that the stall speed of the engine is only 1700 r/min, which is obviously low. Check the engine control unit, no fault code. But check the fuel correction and find that the mixture is concentrated before the fuel injection. When the engine is idle, check the 01-08-005 data and find that the air flow rate is 4.2 g/s, and the air flow calculated according to the airflow parameter is only 2.3 g/s. As the air flow meter has a high error in measuring the intake air flow, when the engine increases the output torque, the amount of fuel injection will exceed the correction range, so that the mixture is too strong and the engine is overloaded. When the engine load rate is too high, the transmission has to postpone shifting. This is the fault phenomenon seen during the trial run. Troubleshooting: replace air flow meter, troubleshooting.