Guilin Daewoo bus air conditioning stop work
  • Automotive

A Li Chengchao 900 thousand km Guilin Daewoo GDW6100A passenger car (equipped with Shanghai pine Ganoderma HLA-IV-D air conditioning system, the power of the air conditioning is a Beijing "OBO" FZ29 15kW excited generator). According to the driver's reflection, in recent days, the air conditioner of the vehicle continuously fused the condenser motor fuse and burned the condensing motor relay in the course of using. At that time, the air conditioning suddenly stopped when the vehicle was running. Fault diagnosis: vehicle to repair workshop repair, technical personnel open air conditioning, work normal, but work less than 1 min to stop, control panel no fault code display; measurement of the output voltage of the air conditioning generator is 32 V. It is found that the power supply of the air conditioning power supply is 13s higher than 32 V. The ventilation and refrigeration stop, the excitation is effective and the control panel is displayed. According to the driver's feedback information and the information detected, the following judgment is made for the fault phenomenon: the fault is related to the high output voltage of the air conditioning generator. Therefore, it is decided to overhaul the air-conditioner generator. Troubleshooting: the generator voltage regulator is damaged when the air conditioning generator is dismantled. Because there is no replacement of voltage regulator at the moment, the generator has to be loaded with a repaired generator. However, considering the air conditioning capacitor box is connected with the power supply, remove the outer cover of the capacitor box, smell a very strong burning smell, conclude that the capacitor box has been burned, after the replacement of the capacitor box, reopen the air conditioning, work normal, troubleshooting.