The frequent failure of the abnormal sound transmission gearbox of the Volkswagen engine
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As one of the main vehicles in Shanghai, Lang Yi has a sharp increase in sales volume while sales volume is soaring. The search for the keyword "Lang Yi" in the quality complaint search of China's automobile quality network can find more than 300 complaints. The contents of the complaint are mainly focused on the abnormal engine noise, the DSG gearbox failure, and the discontent of the service quality of the dealers. Among them, the problem of engine noise and DSG malfunction not only appeared on the old money that had been sold for some time, but also appeared frequently in the new long run soon. A Anhui province 2013 1.4TSI DSG comfortable car owner said that the car when it was found that the car sticker has been torn down, suspected of someone tried to drive, but Anqing Yongxing Volkswagen 4S shop personnel to ensure that the new car is absolutely. When the car was less than 800 kilometers away, it found the engine had abnormal sound. 4S shop said it was normal after testing. After that, I went to the 4S store again to communicate. I asked the Shanghai public department to make a remote diagnosis to confirm that the car had abnormal sound, but no proof material was provided. The owner strongly urged to replace the new car, but 4S shop staff said it was impossible to replace the new car, and the engine could only be changed at most. After Shanghai Volkswagen 4S store personnel required to start the car again to the 4S shop for testing, trying to dismemberment and find out the reasons for the abnormal noise, maintenance, the owners do not agree, the car engine is different from other parts of the car, no matter how to repair, are different from the original engine, a lot of depreciation. The owner believes that the fact that the automobile engine is abnormal exists, and if the Shanghai Volkswagen is really from the consumer's point of view, it should first agree to replace the engine, then dissection the engine, analyze the cause so that the next improvement should not be required to study the consumer's car and make the consumer undertake the research cost of the public company. A 2011 lf 1.6 AT version of the car owner said that the car's cold engine started with serious noise, even if it was not in the morning to start the car, the start of the morning (11:30) was still abnormal even shaking, external control and the steering wheel side of the different noise; the car 28000 kilometers after the lack of cylinder, ignition coil damage and so on. Owner said, it has been using Sinopec No. 93 gasoline, occasionally plus 97, maintenance also in the 4S store, this situation should not appear at 28000 km, a 2008 Lang Yi 1.6 MT refined version of the owner complained that the car was purchased in August 2010, the engine is CFN model, has been in 4S store maintenance, running less than 23 thousand kilometers. This winter morning, the cold start of the car has "Da Da Da" abnormal sound. It will disappear for several minutes. The longer the weather is, the longer the sound will sound and the longer the duration will be. After enquiry, we found that this abnormal noise of Langyi 1.6LCFN engine is not a case. We initially understand the abnormal wear of piston and cylinder. Car owners said that other models such as CDE, CPJ, CLS and other models of 1.6L did not find similar abnormal noise on the Internet, indicating that the 1.6LCFN engine had design defects or quality defects. The owner said that, after complaints related to the major complaints platform, the Shanghai Volkswagen, although every time the staff had contact with them, also collected the audio and sound information of the cold start noise according to the requirements, but the subsequent complaints were perfunctory with the attitude of Mongolian, deceiving, dragging and passing the buck. The DSG gearbox is always the soft spot of the Volkswagen brand series. Almost all the models that use the gearbox are hard to escape, and Shanghai Volkswagen Langyi is also unlucky. A 2013 1.4TSI DSG comfortable version of car owners in January this year, the owner complained that the car bought less than a month, 1000 kilometers in the 1-3 gear shift abnormal noise, there is frustration, shift not smooth and other problems, to the 4S store test, the other side said no big problem, do not affect the security, do DSG basic setting will be better, but after finished the above questions Problems continue to exist, and there are new problems such as refueling, no acceleration at high speed, and no listening to the accelerator. The consumer believes that Shanghai Volkswagen, as a well-known brand, is not responsible for consumers. As a news person, he had bought a car to be more convenient for himself. The result was that it was annoying and seriously affecting the mood, and the General Administration of quality inspection could help to solve the problem. Another 2013 1.4TSI DSG comfortable car owner said, the new car driving more than 200 kilometers, the car began to have a small setback, shift gears, and other phenomena, to 4S shop inspection, technical personnel are normal. Ten days later, the phenomenon aggravated, and went to 4S shop to check. Until 2013-1-11, the car crashed obviously, the abnormal sound increased, there was a sudden rush, and other symptoms, open extremely unsafe. The owners think that they will affect the safety of the people and require Volkswagen to solve this problem. Car owners said that the new car has only one thousand and four hundred kilometers since the emergence of such a big problem, so that consumers how to rest assured? Strongly request to return or replace the DSG gearbox, and hope the quality inspection department can help solve the problem. The gods like cars lose their confidence. A 2008 1.4T DSG sports version of the owner complained that the car has risen a secondary, but still feel the shift when there is a different noise, the car and the car is sometimes swerve sometimes jitter, 2, 3 gear shift in gear shift phenomenon, shift is not smooth. A car owner of 2011 1.4TSI DSG, Sichuan, Chengdu, said the car bought more than one year, driving a mileage of about 14 thousand kilometers, replacing the clutch in more than 1.2 million kilometers, not solving the problem. The current specific phenomenon is still: when the low level (1, 2, 3) drive, there is a strong sense of frustration, and still accompanied by metal Knock and other abnormal sound. Occasionally, during the 3 gear running process, the phenomenon of oil breaking is occasionally 1~2 seconds. The owner said that he bought a car at the Sichuan precise Sale Service Co., Ltd., and the 4S shop for inspection and maintenance was Chengdu Supo overpass shop. 4S shop actually said that this phenomenon is a normal phenomenon, purely perfunctory consumers, a number of recent complaints to Shanghai Volkswagen, the 4S shop here in Chengdu no one reply, is the mass after-sales service is such? The replacement of the clutch indicates that there is a problem, and the problem is not solved now. It is very disappointed with the after-sale service of the public. A 2011 1.4TSI DSG refined version of the car owner said that the car is 8000 kilometers, a gear shift delay, jitter, starting turn jitter lost power, later changed the electromechanical control unit, after the change, when the feeling of the situation has not been solved, but the problem has not been solved. Later, the fuel consumption was very high. There are many problems with the abnormal noise of the car body, but the public in Shanghai can not solve it.