4S shop slaughtered car heart more ruthless, careful vehicle maintenance 5 hidden rules
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4S shop was once synonymous with quality, service and integrity, but now it is a trap. In recent days, the Yangcheng Evening News has received a lot of information from friends, saying that the 4S shop "slaughtering cars" is more "cruel and cruel", and there are at least five hidden rules in the industry. In this regard, Yangcheng Evening News reporter interviewed a number of long-term maintenance experts in the automotive industry, to teach you how to deal with the hidden rules of vehicle maintenance. The accident car was sent to 4S shop for its "healing". However, it was unexpected that the accident car which was operated by 4S shop was repaired and injured more. A few days ago, Miss Cui, a citizen of Guangzhou, sent her car to a 4S store on Whampoa Avenue in Guangzhou, which was seriously damaged by a traffic accident. But she was surprised by a friend from a friend: some repairmen often took off some of the new parts on the car before the accident was damaged and replaced the old ones. Even pieces of pieces. According to Mr. Meng, who is proficient in automobile maintenance, the repairman likes to repair the accident car, because the accident car can not only make a big profit, but will not cause trouble for himself. If there is any doubt, the repairman can push the responsibility to the accident and make the owner "unable" to refute. A car friend also revealed that the old pieces and pieces that were replaced could continue to be left on the train, so the accident car would be repaired and injured. Reminding: record the accident car related situation and confirm a 4S store service director who does not want to disclose the name of the car. If the vehicle is sent to repair the vehicle, the car will be left in the factory when it is found that the fault can not be solved in the same day. The mileage, the approximate position of the gasoline meter pointer, the appearance and preparation of the vehicle are best with the maintenance station. The fetus and the tools are confirmed and recorded. In addition, supervise the relevant staff to make a definite loss for the first time of their own car, and get the order after losing the order. And the owner pays attention to each link during the maintenance of the vehicle, and requires the 4S store to display the replacement parts in the replacement of the accessories, so that it can prevent the use of auxiliary accessories. "Acquaintances are good at business", so almost all consumers think that being familiar with the responsible persons of 4S shop is the best way to avoid being "hidden rules". However, in front of the car 4S shop repairman, the so-called friendship will appear pale and weak. A netizen who claimed to have worked in the 4S shop, "car car Tong", said that he had been "submersible" to a friend who had come to maintain a car for the car under the service of his company manager. In the repair and maintenance, the maintenance workers quietly in the air of the car engine, a small group of cotton yarn, the engine ventilation channel is blocked, the car running up is weak, therefore, because the early maintenance is not good enough, the engine wear seriously, must change the engine cylinder head. In this way, the company earned more than 10 thousand yuan from its manager's friends. Reminding to the vehicle maintenance process, it is suggested that the owner of the car make a telephone reservation before maintaining its own car. Then the car will be opened and maintained according to the appointment time. In this way, the maintenance of the car is only about two hours, and many 4S shop maintenance workshops are separated with the transparent glass in the rest area. The owner can clearly see the maintenance process of his car, and the owner can keep an eye on every detail in the vehicle maintenance process. The car owner Guo's car was less than a week after the accident was overhauled, and it was found that it was rocking fiercely when passing the uneven road. Mr. Guo, who has more than ten years of driving experience, is a problem with the car's pre shock. However, before the insurance company's valuation report list, the front suspension is listed in the warranty list, which belongs to the replacement parts. Why are the parts that just changed so fast? After the car inspection found that the front suspension has not been replaced. The insurance company's rating loss report is far from the actual maintenance list. The car bank explains that the "loss report" is only a list of "designed" by the car bank to apply for compensation. The purpose is to make the amount meet the needs of the repair. The statement is the embodiment of the real maintenance project. However, the items on the maintenance list did not really reflect all the maintenance items. Mr. Guo found that the list said that two tires were replaced. In fact, only one was changed, and the other was mended. Reminding: after confirmation of a 4S store, Cai Pengfei said that after the accident car was damaged and repaired, the insurance company would go to the related 4S store to recover the replacement parts, so the owner could ask the 4S store to notify itself when the insurance company collected these recycling parts and then to confirm it and then with the maintenance list listed in the 4S store. Check and confirm. It is one of the fastest ways to get money from 4S shops by exaggerating the problem of cars and letting owners enter "package maintenance". Mr. Wu's car in the start and brake can hear the "thump" different noise, afraid of big trouble, then go to the 4S store detection, this time also just received the 4S store mobile phone text message that the owner can enjoy free test. 4S shop inspection results show that there may be two problems. First, the machine corners need to be replaced by glue, the cost is about 1700 yuan, and two is the leakage of oil from the steering machine, which costs about 2900 yuan. In addition, the exhaust pipe of the vehicle is burned and worn, and it costs 900 yuan for another, and the belt for the engine should be exchanged for two, the cost is 400 yuan. The engine belt just changed 5 months ago. How could it be bad? Mr. Wu went to the ordinary auto repair shop to find out the problem of the machine corner glue and the direction machine, but the two screws on the bottom of the car. The maintenance workers spent less than 10 minutes and spent 10 yuan, so the problem was solved. Remind: ask for inspection certificate to 4S shop, Chen Youbin, chief engineer of a car after-sales service, said that in vehicle maintenance service, this situation does happen. When the dealer recommends the replacement of the parts of the owner, if the consumer cannot confirm whether the service staff said the situation is true, the staff can ask the staff to take out the corresponding testing evidence. For example, you can ask to see the inspection of maintenance personnel face to face, observe the way and process of operation, and whether the results are convincing. Mr. Chen's car key was unable to open the door because of failure. "Car use instructions" showed that the battery was insufficient for the key battery, so Mr. Chen opened the car to the 4S store to replace the battery. But when the staff turned on the keys, they insisted that the key to the failure of the key was that the main component had a problem. The only solution to it was to replace a key, which needed 3000 yuan. Unfortunately, Mr. Chen had to go to a maintenance shop on the roadside to replace the battery. The result was only 2 yuan. A friend who claims to be working in a long 4S shop, "God Walker", says many 4S stores have maintenance quotas, and car managers send quotas directly to 4S stores in order to achieve profit purposes. "This phenomenon has directly led to the breeding of unhealthy phenomena." "The Skywalker" points out that the maintenance cost for a fixed fault is determined for the maintenance of a car, but in order to complete the maintenance task, some irresponsible maintenance personnel transfer these costs directly to the customer. Originally only need tens of dollars to repair the fault, they directly asked the owner to replace parts, greatly increased the maintenance income, so that owners can eat up. Reminder: car owners pay attention to accumulating car knowledge, Chen Youbin said. In case of the above situation, the owner should ask the other party to produce test credentials. But some cases are difficult to judge, for example, some maintenance workers recommend replacement parts to solve the problem, in fact, only through maintenance can be repaired, to a large extent, depends on the ability of maintenance technicians. Therefore, it is suggested that owners should pay attention to accumulate some basic knowledge of cars.