How to identify different types of fault smoke early identification and early processing
  • Automotive

Car smoke can be big and small. Many new car owners are always at a loss as to how to smoke. In fact, do not panic, do not panic, carefully observe the smoke situation, different smoke has different solutions, so we must first understand the identification of smoke types. The engine jitter of the car is large, the exhaust pipe has abnormal sound, and the black smoke body is discharged at the same time. The phenomenon of black smoke in the carburetor car is more common. This is because the fuel injection of the carburetor is not controlled by the computer, but is controlled by the foot pedal. In some cases, too much fuel enters the cylinder later than the combustion and expelled the car, which causes the black smoke we see. 1. carburetor cars are now basically old, to check the aging of the carburetor and other parts of the machine, carburetor car is different from the electric spray car, to regular maintenance and adjustment, to develop a good habit of using the car. 2. the EFI truck should check the cylinder line every 30 thousand kilometers and check the spark plugs every 10 thousand km. It can be seen that a large amount of white water vapor comes out and the engine is not running smoothly, even if the engine is preheated to the normal working temperature, there is still a lot of water vapor coming out. The cause of white smoke may be due to the wear of the cylinder gasket of the engine cylinder, resulting in a certain gap, resulting in a large number of water coming into the combustion chamber of the cooling system. Water can not burn, and after heating, water vapor is generated and discharged directly from the exhaust pipe. 1. check whether the cylinder block and cylinder cushion are damaged. Check whether there is any water in the tank. 2. check the vehicle manual and strictly add the correct gasoline according to the manufacturer's regulations. The explosive force of the vehicle drops, the sensation accelerates, the noise becomes larger, the exhaust pipe has blue smoke, and the smell of the coke produced by the oil burning. By checking the oil scale at the same time, it will also find the oil consumption is too large, under normal condition each maintenance, after driving 7500 kilometers, the oil consumption should be in the normal range, without the need to supplement. Blue smoke is mostly caused by engine internal failure, causing oil to move into the combustion chamber. There are two common situations: the inner wall of the cylinder is scratched, the piston is not sealed, or the valve is badly worn, and the clearance is generated, and the original lubricating oil will run through these gaps into the combustion chamber. The burning of burning oil can not produce the blue smoke when it is discharged from the vehicle. 1. for the old car, check the seal of the cylinder, piston and other parts, and find that when the blue smoke is discharged to the maintenance station, it will be repaired in time in order to prevent more loss. 2. oil should be added to the right amount, too much, too little is not desirable. Check the oil usage regularly, once the abnormal oil consumption is found, check the professional maintenance station immediately.