Audi A6 sedan windshield wiper
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A 2009 Audi A6 (C6) 2.4 car with a mileage exceeding 240 thousand km. User response: the car wiper has no stop. When the wiper switch is in intermittent position, the wiper has been wiping at high speed. Fault diagnosis: first use the fault diagnosis instrument VAS5052 to detect no fault code, analysis may be caused by poor contact wiper switch, try to replace a wiper switch from other cars, the failure is still. Disassemble the engine cabin water trough cover plate and find that the glass glue of the front windshield will fall off, and the wiper motor has water trace. It is possible that the wiper motor is inflow, and the replacement of the new wiper motor is still in trouble. It is found that the wiper switch is transmitted to the wiper motor control unit J400 through the vehicle power grid control unit J519, which is suspected to be J519 damage, and the fault remains after the trial change of J519.