Analysis of performance and deterioration of automatic transmission oil
  • Automotive

. The color of the normal automatic transmission oil is pink or red. A few drops of transmission oil can be removed through the dipstick or overflow hole. If the oil becomes dark red or black and burnt, this indicates that the oil has deteriorated. The oil liquid is dark red possible reasons: automatic transmission oil to the use limit and not replaced, friction plate or brake belt friction abrasive to make the oil color to dark red, and coke smell; clutch or brake slight slippery phenomenon. (2) the possible causes of black oil are black: the automatic transmission is overloaded for a long time, the load of friction disc of clutch and brake is too heavy and excessive wear is worn, the friction plate and brake belt of the clutch and brake are seriously worn, and the failure phenomenon of the automatic transmission is serious skidding. Or milk white liquid. This means that the oil liquid of the automatic transmission is infiltrated into the cooling fluid or the automatic transmission through the air permeable hole. After mixing with the automatic transmission oil, it passes through the oil pump to the torque converter, and then through the pipe and body to the clutch and brake. After running for a period of time, the foam milk or milk white liquid is formed. This will cause automatic transmission slipping, no lifting, heavy impact, and even the vehicle can not travel and so on. We must find out the fault points and replace the transmission oil.