Poor cooling effect of Honda CR-V air conditioning
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A Dongfeng Honda CR-V with a mileage of about 96 thousand km in 2008. Owners reflect: the air-conditioner is sometimes cool and sometimes cold. Fault diagnosis: the air conditioning work is unstable. When it is not refrigerating, it is found that the air conditioning clutch does not attract, but the fan works at low speed. Check the positive line of the clutch with the self-made test lamp. It is found that the test lamp can be lit normally, indicating that the power supply line is normal. Check the clutch's wire is also normal, indicating that the problem is on the air conditioning clutch. Observing the clutch carefully, it is found that the clearance of the clutch suction disc is large and measured with a feeler gauge 70mm, which is much different from the normal value (9 + 1mm). So the clutch assembly was removed. It was found that the sucker and disk wear were serious. After the replacement of the new clutch, the test run was very good.