Audi A4 instrument always burns the wire harness and fails to brake
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Ask: a Audi A4 first is the instrument harness burned, after replacement or burn, and then found that the instrument harness, gasoline pump line also have water, then brake malfunction, check the brake fluid has water, brake fluid after the replacement of a week, the brake again failed, or oil appears water, this water does not know where the water is from what place Fang Lai, always change the brake fluid is not a way, long-term hot weather like water droplets, please guide! Answer: if it can be sure that water is caused, there is only one possibility, that is, the expansion of the kettle. The engine cooling system is pressurized at work. Once the pressure is too large, the expansion of the water level sensor is sealed off well, and the plug is sealed too well. The pressure water vapor may penetrate into the places you describe through the copper core of the wire. The reason is diagnosed, and it is easy to overhaul it. The replacement of the expansion can be eliminated.