Have to see the 6 misconceptions of the new driver's car maintenance
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In recent years, there is a gradual increase in the number of cars, cars need regular maintenance, but some limited maintenance centers often go into the misunderstandings of maintenance and affect the performance of vehicles. The temperature of the engine is afraid of high and low. The water temperature is high, and every possible means to find the cause, and the low water temperature is considered normal. In fact, the low temperature of the automobile engine is very low, which will make the combustion of the mixed gas insufficient, the power decrease, the increase, and cause the bad lubrication, and will also cause the discharge to exceed the standard. The more oil is added. It is considered that the engine and oil should not be much less and less easily to burn. In fact, too much oil will do harm to the engine, especially the tilting engine and V engine. It increases the rotational resistance of the crankshaft and connecting rod, and increases the oil splashing to the cylinder wall, resulting in the increase of coke in the combustion chamber. So too much oil will reduce engine power, increase wear and tear, and also cause excessive emissions. The lubrication of the air hub is not reliable. It is considered that the wheel hub is filled with grease, which can ensure the lubrication of the hub bearing. The empty hub with grease coated on the bearing is not lubricated, and the gap between the center of the hub must be filled with grease. In fact, this not only wastes grease, but also affects the heat dissipation of bearings, which is harmful to the bearing lubrication. The contact gap of the broken electrical apparatus is larger than the smaller point. In fact, the contact gap is too large and the contact closure time is short, which reduces the primary side current of the ignition coil and causes the high voltage spark to be weak, thus causing the engine to be difficult to start. Tighten the fastening bolts and do not loose. As a matter of fact, the bolts of each part of the automobile have corresponding value according to their diameters, pitch and usage. The bolts that can not reach the specified value will be loose, but it is not good, but the blind increase of tightening torque will make the fastened parts deformed, and cause the elongation of the screw, the deformation and even fracture of the thread. It is easy to disassemble the car during maintenance. With the improvement of the manufacturing level, the life of modern auto parts has been greatly extended, and the random dismantling is bound to destroy the fit state and shorten the service life of the parts greatly. In today's automobile failure detection technology is becoming more and more perfect today, if there is no obvious failure of components or assemblies, do not generally remove the inspection.