The cause of the wheel shake is related to the wheel hub.
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Newspaper news (reporter Zhong Honglian) a lot of car owners or will be in the highway driving, found that the steering wheel slightly jitter phenomenon, after the car owners will go back to the 4S shop to redo the four wheel positioning again or to test the tire pressure, in the near future, the owner is met by the 4S shop to change the wheel hub. In this regard, Hu Jian, a vehicle maintenance professional, said that the jitter of the steering wheel has a great relationship with tyres and wheels. If it is very serious, it needs to be replaced. Mr. Zhou in Humen is very depressed in the near future. As long as the speed of his new car reaches 80 kph, the steering wheel is shaking very badly. It has also been checked several times to the 4S store, and has also made four round positioning, and the front and back tires have also been adjusted, but the jitter is not ruled out seriously. "Now the new car has only been open for two months and less than 1000 kilometers, because the problem of steering wheel dithering has not been solved, and the 4S shop requires that the hub be replaced. After checking, they said that because the wheel hub was different, the steering wheel would be shaking all the time. Mr. Zhou said with a smile. So, Mr. Zhou's car needs to replace the wheel hub is the only solution? In this regard, Hu analyzed the problem that the problem might appear on the tires or the wheels if the steering wheel jitter was not improved after four rounds of positioning and after changing the tire. Hu said that problems with steering wheels are related to tyres and wheels. "Tires are like shoes for a car. A problem car will definitely react directly. In addition to possible damage to the hub, the tire dynamic balance is not possible. However, master Hu said that a dynamic balance of the tire is a few dozen yuan, and a wheel hub may be several hundred yuan. Because Mr. Zhou's car is still new, and within two months, he can complain to the 4S shop and ask the manufacturer to bear the cost. Master Hu also recommends the majority of the owners and friends, in the process of using the car, for the tires and wheels which are easily damaged in the daily driving, we must pay attention to the protection at ordinary times, such as when some camps or high deceleration belts can not be leaped up and the protection is the weakest when the side stops. The sidewall of the tire.