Volkswagen Santana 2000 GSI car idle speed is not stable, poor acceleration.
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For a Santana car, the mileage must be stepped on the accelerator pedal after starting maintenance, and the idle speed is unstable and the acceleration is not good after starting. Connect the fault diagnosis device, read the trouble code, "throttle basic setting error". Check throttle rotated flexibly, connector and control unit wiring harness is intact, battery voltage, throttle pull wire adjustment appropriate. After making the basic setting again, the diagnostic instrument displays "matching error" after a few seconds. Look at the data flow, and then measure the full and full throttle voltage and resistance values, and finally find excessive wear. So the plastic sealing cover is opened, a small piece of paper, a bit of glue, stickup on the wear position of the gear drive, to eliminate the wear gap, and to measure the resistance of the throttle opening and full closure, which has been restored to the normal value. Install the plastic sealing cover, connect the diagnostic instrument, input "" to do the basic setting, and eliminate the trouble thoroughly.