No regular inspection and attention maintenance for seatbelt aging.
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As the saying goes, small mistakes are easy to cause disasters. Sometimes small neglect may cause many bad consequences. In particular, some configurations on cars neglect the consequences of maintenance. Seat belt is the first protective lock for personal safety of occupants, but we seldom pay attention to its maintenance at the same time. Many owners believe that the safety belt is "pull up, buckle up" so simple. Although it is simply a tape that can be buckled, it can save your life at a critical moment. When a collision accident occurs, the seat belt can bind the driver firmly to the chair, with the cushioning protection of the airbag, and can greatly reduce the damage caused by the impact. The main protective effects of the safety belt are as follows: 1. the speed reduction of the car against the crash, so that the passenger can not strike second times with the steering wheel, the dashboard, the windshield and so on; 2. can buffer the effect of the deceleration again by the extension of the safety belt; 3. prevent the passenger from being thrown out of the car in emergency. So before you pull the handbrake, make sure your seat belt is good for you. This is the basic habit of driving. Don't think it doesn't need maintenance. Let's first take a look at where the seat belt will be "shut down". Master Chen told reporters that with the use of some cars longer time, the safety belt will also aging, the most important performance is the internal reed, the safety belt will be too loose or can not be tightened in time, this time the seat belt has begun to "stop work". In a moment of emergency, if the safety belt is loose, the crew will fall out of the seat belt and cause serious damage. Or people have already met the air bag, but because the seat belt is too large to tighten up in time, it is not able to eat a part of the impulse as hoped, but the full burden of the man to the air bag. It may cause a serious injury to the crew. Master Chen said that if the seat belt had been subjected to a strong tensile load during its operation, it should be replaced even if it was not damaged. After the crash, no matter whether the air bag is detonated or not, all the maintenance personnel should be asked to do a comprehensive maintenance for the related safety system. If your car has been collided and the air bag is popped out, the seat belt must be replaced in time. Master Chen said that every vehicle owner can check whether the seat belt is aging or losing tension. The general seat belt device has the function of the belt tension limiter. In addition, often check the position of the loosening button on the buckle regularly to confirm that the button must be easily touched and open so that the seat belt can be unraveled in case of occurrence. Master Chen suggests that you must not change or attach seat belts on your own. In addition, the back row double plug lock has the function of preventing insertion error, and the anti insertion lock can only match one of the lock tongue. Inserting the door key or other hard object into the small hole of the plug preventing inserting lock can realize the unlocking function of the insert lock. When the seat belt is too dirty, it can be scrubbed with neutral soap and warm water, and after wetting with cloth or sponge. Do not use dye or beautiful white agent. Otherwise, it will corrode the safety belt and do not wash it with hard brush to avoid reducing the tensile strength of the seat belt. Do not use the seat belt before it is dry. Check the locking button to enter the foreign body, if there is dust entering the shoulder joint of the shoulder, it will make the seat belt react slowly and clean with clean dry cloth in time. If the seat belt is aging or damaged, you must go to the 4S store to replace it. The seat belt can not be disassembled at any time. If there are any problems, the professionals must be repaired. 1. after adjusting the chair, sit straight. Grasp the lock tongue on the head of the seat belt, pull the seat belt down the body, do not let the seat belt kink, and then buckle the tongue to the buckle. At this point, remember to pull a tug of lock up again to confirm that the seat belt is completely locked, and wish not to overtilt the back of the seat, or the seat belt will not be lengthening and winding correctly. 2. the system method of different seat belts. The common shoulder belts should be on the shoulders, across the chest, and must not be placed under the arms. The waist belt should be as low as possible, close to the lower part of the hip and not at the waist. The advantage of this system is that the collision force in the collision will affect the pelvic bones and ensure the stability of the human body. When the waist belt is fastened, it is best to pull the waist seat belt at the buckle end and pull up the shoulder belt at the same time. 3. don't let the seat belt be pressed on hard or fragile objects. Do not put glasses, keys, cell phones and other items in your chest pocket.