Chery A5 cars turn off when they start
  • Automotive

A Chery A5 car with a mileage of about 50 thousand km reflects the noise of the vehicle ahead of the vehicle. According to the failure of the user described, it is found that the vehicle does not produce the abnormal sound when the vehicle runs in a straight line, and when the steering wheel deviates from the straight line (the steering wheel turns 30 to 60 degrees), it can obviously hear the abnormal noise in the front part of the vehicle. In the second turn, there is also an abnormal sound. According to the fault analysis, the fault should be in the steering part and front suspension. First, the vehicle steering Guan Zhu (with universal joint) and the power steering assembly were detected. No wear, loose and open phenomena were found. The vehicle lift was detected in the vehicle chassis front suspension, and the bolts were not found loose. After the above inspection, it is deduced that the fault may occur on the control arm and the sub frame. After careful examination, the cracks in the rubber bushing are found after the control arm is found. Trouble shooting: replacing the rubber bushing assembly after the control arm, troubleshooting.