Give you an easy way to do 7 common problems of car
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We list 7 kinds of small problems that often occur in cars. We interviewed a number of old drivers and technicians who had many years of experience in repairing and refitting automobiles. They say, at present, many car owners do not pay attention to the daily maintenance of vehicles, wait until the problem comes out to the repair shop or 4S shop for maintenance, the cost of raising cars also consumes a lot of time and energy of the owners. In fact, many minor problems can be avoided by car owners' routine maintenance. Cause: the start of the engine is accomplished by the spark plug ignition by the current of the battery. There may be two reasons for the sudden ignition of the engine. First, it may be caused by the rust of the battery or the leakage of the battery, followed by the tide of the spark plug of the engine in rainy days. Maintenance method: every noise for two months to see whether the battery liquid in the battery is adequate. If the liquid level is located between the upper and lower 2 lines, it is considered appropriate. At the same time, the liquid level of each slot should also be checked. If the liquid level is insufficient, the lid on the top of the battery can be unscrewed, and the distilled water is added to fill the liquid level. Then check the terminals of the battery and use iron brushes to remove dirt from the terminals. If the wiring clamp is seriously stained, sandpaper can be rubbed along the inner wall and worn out. If the spark plug is damp, you can take it out and bake it with a lighter to evaporate the water above it as quickly as possible. Cause: this may be due to the high temperature oxidation of the exhaust gas of the engine, resulting in the leakage of the exhaust system. Maintenance method: regularly check the exhaust system piping, interface, especially silencers, whether it is corroded by exhaust gas, and whether the interface pad has been damaged. If it is found that the exhaust system is leaking, it should be repaired or replaced in the 4S shop in time. Checking once a year can not only ensure the normal operation of the exhaust system, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by harmful substances in the exhaust gas. Reason: there are many reasons for the increase of oil consumption. But the most common and easy to be ignored by the owners is the examination of tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will not only increase the running resistance, but also increase the fuel consumption, and will also affect the service life of the tire. Maintenance: when driving, pay more attention to whether the tyres are gas and check the tire pressure regularly. Of course, remember not to forget the spare tire inspection, so as to avoid the urgent need to change the tire. When the temperature is high, the tire pressure will be higher than usual, so it is more accurate to measure tire pressure in cold weather or shade. Every time the tire travels 10 thousand kilometers, the position should be changed to avoid the difference between the front and rear wear. If you need to replace the worn tire, it is best to change two or 4 together. The same tire can be replaced before and after crossing. In addition, the tires can help save fuel. Reason: This is probably due to the long time no oil, oil filter, air filter and gasoline filter caused insufficient fuel combustion, engine carbon accumulation and other problems. Maintenance methods: oil and oil filters are replaced every 5000 kilometers, while the air filter and the gasoline filter need to be replaced every 10 thousand kilometers, otherwise the impurities in the air, fuel and oil will cause the parts to wear and clog the oil, thereby affecting the normal operation of the engine. Reason: unreasonable behavior when refueling may cause damage to the oil pump. Maintenance methods: when the owner of the car refueling, try not to wait for the fuel alarm light to shine again, this will shorten the life of the oil pump, too little oil or fuel depletion may burn down the oil pump. It does not have to fill up once in the city and is convenient for refueling, because it may cause oil floatation and sensor failure, distortion of the oil meter and increase oil consumption, so it is suggested that the owner of the car should be refueling when the fuel consumption is almost the same. Cause: the abnormal change of electrolyte will affect the performance and reliability of the battery. Maintenance method: in summer, the battery will be overcharged, the electrolyte will be evaporated quickly and the plates will be damaged easily. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the level of the liquid level of the battery and the proportion of the electrolyte (the specific gravity of the electrolyte should be smaller in the winter), and to constantly add the distilled water to the battery; to avoid the full discharge of the battery in winter and to pay attention to the freezing of the electrolyte. Cause: the wiper blade is damaged, resulting in unclean scraping. Maintenance methods: first of all, the owners need to correct the bad habits of dry scratching. The best thing is to spray the water first and then open the wiper, which is good for protecting the wiper blade. Second, the wiper sometimes clucking. When the wiper is intact, the owner should go to the 4S shop for the correction of the wiper angle. In the end, if the vehicle is suspended for a long time, the owner can find a small thing like a foam strip or a wooden bar, which can be removed from the rain and separate the windshield from the windshield, thus prolonging the service life of the wiper.