General Administration check: the unqualified rate of automobile brake pads reached 13%
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Without the results of the selective inspection issued by the AQSIQ, many people do not know that the GPS navigation of automobiles will also cause radiation problems. But the AQSIQ's spot checks are far more than just one category of car navigation. According to the announcement that the State Quality Inspection Administration (AQSIQ) has published the results of the national supervision of 13 types of products in 2013, the motor vehicle inspection items include automotive brake linings, car hose, car belt, automobile lamps and motor vehicle coolants. Among them, the automobile brake lining which is commonly known as the "brake pad" has an unqualified rate of more than 13%. At present, the annual output value of Foshan auto parts industry has exceeded 30 billion yuan, and the size and size of enterprises are numerous. In this spot check, many Foshan auto parts enterprises have been included in the scope of the spot inspection. Judging from the total spot checks, although the individual batches of individual products in Foshan were unqualified, the overall performance was stable.