Replacing tyre does not make four wheel alignment harm.
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Did your car locate in four rounds in time? As the name suggests, the four wheel positioning is based on the four wheel parameters of the vehicle and is adjusted to ensure good performance and reliability of the vehicle. It is very necessary to make a four wheel alignment for a car just after changing the tire or using the tyre for a period of time. Recently, the reporter made a survey of 5 tire shops in Hangzhou City, but the results showed that the owners did not pay enough attention to the four wheel positioning. Depressed: less than half a month, grinding two new tyres early last Thursday morning, the reporter received miss Hangzhou Miss Liu's phone call. "It took more than 10 days to replace two new foetuses." It turned out that at the end of March, Miss Liu spent more than 1000 yuan to give her own modern Jenny saloon two new tyres. This car, Miss Liu is open nearly 40 thousand kilometers. Originally, these two belonged to normal replacement. Two days ago, when Miss Liu went to wash the car, a car wash worker's sentence made her break down. "They said, your front tire tread is almost worn down. God, I just changed two front tires. " The problem is in the four round position. In principle, Miss Liu should replace the two front wheels and make a four round positioning to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle. But the shop owners who change their tires only sell tyres and have no special equipment for four wheel alignment. At that time, tires shop owner reminded Miss Liu, remember to do a four round of positioning. But Miss Liu is lazy. It's two weeks. Who knows that in these ten days, two brand-new tires have been worn away and have to be replaced again. Miss Liu bought more than 1000 yuan of tires before, and she was also beat. "As early as I know this result, I must hurry to do the four round of positioning." Liu Xiaojie told reporters. Investigation: in time, the owners of the four round of positioning were less than 40%. Last Saturday, Dongnan tire monopoly shop near Hangzhou Motor City, a Volkswagen Sagitar was making four rounds of positioning. Before, the car advocate Mr. always feel the direction of the car "Deviation". Xiao Chen, a shop master, went under the car to have a look. "The two front tires of your car are almost worn out." On the other side, Mr. Zhang goggled his eyes. "Is it so serious?" Mr. Zhang's similar cases happen almost every day. Dong Jiahang, director of Hangzhou Dongnan Trading Co., Ltd., told reporters that the four round of data will be gradually biased during the continuous driving of vehicles. When the time is long, the tire will be abnormally worn. Generally speaking, the car has just changed the tire, or every 8000 to 10 thousand kilometers, it should make four rounds of positioning. If you often drive bad roads, this cycle will be shortened. But at present, most owners do not have this awareness. In order to investigate the popularity of the four wheel orientation of the owner, the reporter visited 5 tire shops at random in the city of Hangzhou on the same day, and found that the proportion of the owners in time for the four wheel positioning was not high. The highest in the 5 shops is around 45%, the lowest is only 30%. In the 5 stores, the average proportion of owners who made the four wheel positioning in time was only 38%, less than 40%. Knowledge: tire replacement can get twice the result with twice the effort in Dongnan tire franchise shop. The reporter also observed the whole process of a four round of positioning. Here, the four wheel position is divided into three steps. The first step is to lift the car, and technicians install a sensor on each side of the tire. The function of the sensor is to make the four wheel positioning data of the car and exchange it with the host in time; the second step, after the data acquisition is completed, on the four wheel locator computer, select the corresponding brand and model. The technician introduces, this one step must not choose the wrong. Because of different models, the data of the four wheel alignment are different. If it is not accurate, the four wheel position will not only do no effect, but will cause damage to the tire; the third step, the technician adjusts the positioning screw near the vehicle suspension, until the four round location data reaches the standard value. Li Baotian, the manager of HANKOOK tire Hangzhou Long Chang shop, said that, for private cars, in addition to the timely four rounds of positioning, in the usual tire maintenance, there are also a few tips. For example, before every four rounds of positioning, the tire of the vehicle can be exchanged. Depending on the tyres, diagonal alignment or side to side swapping are adopted. If the vehicle is equipped with standard spare tire, spare tire can also participate in rotation, which can effectively extend the tire life. Li also suggested that owners should always observe tire wear. If tire wear is found to be uneven, a four wheel alignment should be made immediately.