Failure analysis of vehicle flameout and acceleration weakness when waiting for traffic lights
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Readers, Mr. Tan asked: Recently, the self driving models that I am driving will automatically flameout when I wait for the traffic lights. How is this going to happen? Answer: check for yourself whether the throttle should be cleaned, check whether the idle motor is stuck or not. Three, check the gasoline pump. There are two cases of sudden extinction of motor vehicles, either oil or fire. Therefore, it is recommended to drive to 4S shop or specialized shop for inspection, and solve the problem thoroughly. Reader Joe asked: Recently, some friends suggested that I use mineral oil. Can this oil be changed to the car? Answer: mineral oil and synthetic oil refer to the source of base oil in the engine oil. Mineral oil is a direct fractionation from petroleum and a mixture of various components; synthetic oil is made from chemical raw materials and is pure and contains no impurities. The disadvantage of mineral oil is that it contains impurities that can not be separated and clean. It will deposit in the engine for a long time in the engine environment. Long term use of mineral oil engine will have a thick brown black film, so it is not recommended. The reader, Miss Zhao, asked: in the near future, when the car is driving, the accelerator is often trampled to the end, the speed is also more than 4000 turns, the car will speed up, it will not be such a problem before, what is this? Reply: according to what you describe, there are several possibilities: first, carbon deposition may be caused by the throttle, the idle motor, the inlet and the combustion chamber and the spark plugs. Two it is possible to travel in the urban congestion section for a long time to accelerate the weakness; three is the poor quality of the oil products that may be used. The impact of gasoline filters and oil roads may lead to poor fuel supply, which can lead to acceleration, and will also affect the service life of the three element catalyst in the exhaust system. If there is a blockage in the three element catalyst, it will also directly affect the acceleration of the vehicle and also lead to an increase. Four may be caused by sensor failure, resulting in the phenomenon of accelerating weakness. Reader Chen asked: when the car is used in the near future, it is found that the rear brake disc of the car has a deep dent and is accompanied by a different noise. How do you deal with this situation? Reply: for the wear of the rear brake disc, it may be related to the material of the brake pad, and the brake pad can be removed to polish the hard spot. For the different brakes, you can find a safer Road, then take an emergency brake in the driving, so that the hard spots on the brake pad can be worn and repeated several times the noise will be eliminated. Or remove the brake pads and chamfer the brake pads. This will also effectively reduce the abnormal noise generated during braking. This abnormal noise will not affect the normal use of the brake system, or it can not do any treatment.