Nissan sedan is difficult to speed up
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A Nissan Teana 230JM car with a mileage of about 25 thousand km. The owner reflected that the vehicle would occasionally illuminate the engine fault lights when it was running, which would accelerate the difficulty. When the car was taken over, the engine fault lamp was normal and the acceleration performance was good. Then the road test was carried out, and no abnormal condition was found. The owner reflected that the fault occurred occasionally, and the probability of a car turning or turning was higher. Then the fault diagnosmeter reads the fault code, and the fault contents are as follows: P2122 APPsensor/circ (acceleration pedal position sensor or its circuit); P2138 APPsensor (acceleration pedal position sensor); P1299sensor power/circ (sensor power cathode or its circuit); P0550PW ST sen/circ (motion) Force steering pressure sensor or its circuit). After debugging the trouble code, the test run is normal, and the above failure phenomenon has not appeared again. Once again, the car owner learned that the car's failure was in the repair of the engine after the abnormal sound, inspection of the car maintenance records, found that it was really repaired, when the steering gear high pressure oil pipe leakage, turning steering wheel when there was a different noise, the owner suspected parts too high and no replacement. Check the high pressure oil pipe of the steering gear of the car. The owner at that time reflected that the high-pressure oil pipe had been replaced outside, and insisted that it was a factory fitting. The suspect fault may be out of the pressure sensor, and the sensor is related to the read fault content. Further analysis of the circuit diagram, the pressure sensor and the acceleration pedal position sensor, air conditioning pressure sensor and many other sensors share the 5V power, if the sensor failure will cause the impact of how many sensors. In order to prove that the pressure sensor on the high pressure oil pipe has trouble, the steering wheel is turned left and right to the right to the right, and the data monitoring is carried out with the fault detector. It is found that the P0550 and P1229 fault codes appear in a short time, which coincide with the above inference. When these 2 fault codes appear, step on the accelerator pedal, and the engine slows down. It is concluded that the sensor has an accidental fault, which leads to the low voltage of the other sensors and the work is not normal. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner change the high pressure oil pipe. Troubleshooting: replace the original steering gear after high pressure oil pipe test, the above failure phenomenon did not appear again, the fault completely eliminated.