Talk about the maintenance of new car and the replacement cycle of oil
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Q: a 2010 Volkswagen Bora 1.4T sedan showed that the car had already run 200km, and 4S shop explained that it was a stock car. After I got home, I changed the oil immediately. Now it's 3000km. Do you think I should change the oil? In addition, someone asked me to drive the car to the freeway, which means that the engine can clean the carbon on its own when the speed reaches 180km/h. Is that reasonable? What should I do? Answer: in general, the oil replacement cycle is 5000 ~ 15000km, the specific selection of the oil change mileage is related to the usage: if only 5000km is run only one year, then the oil is changed once a year; if the vehicle is frequent and the air quality is poor in the vehicle environment, you can also choose 5000km for a change of oil; if you run the 200000km It belongs to the 4 class car, or 5000km can replace the oil once. The general operating vehicle can choose 8000 to 10000km to replace the oil once. In addition, if the oil quality is good, the vehicle condition is good and the use environment is good, 15000km can also be changed once. As for the new car, the general choice is to change the oil for the running in period of 500km, and then turn to a normal oil change cycle. Of course, the shorter the oil change period is, the better it will cost. As to whether a new car needs to "pull the high speed", the motor speed of the car is in the area of 4500 to 6000r/min, and the speed over 6000r/min is the red line area to avoid entering. Therefore, "pull the high-speed" to choose between 3000 to 4500r/min speed, speed to more than 180km/h, China does not have such a highway, it is obviously not advisable. If you can buy fuel additives like "unbeatable charcoal", you can get rid of carbon in the tank (5000 to 10000km, if the vehicle is often on the highway, 10000 to 20000km can be used as a fuel additive), it is not necessary to "pull the high speed" 7.