After the car was rear ended, it continued to open the cylinder.
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A common rear end accident was caused by the carelessness of the owner and the engine of the car. To this end, Mr. Zhou in Hangzhou has "regretted his intestines." "When there is an accident, check it carefully. If there was a problem, do not train first! "At the end of January this year, Mr. Zhou drove his own home Dongfeng nyulong Nagai 7 SUV, an accident in Linping, Hangzhou. "At the crossroads there was a sudden rush of TOYOTA car. I was so close to the car that I dodged it and hit it." When Mr. Zhou got off the car, he saw a big bumper in front of the car. This is Mr. Zhou buying a car for more than a year, the second accident. For the first time, all the damages and claims were smooth. This time, Mr. Zhou made a wrong decision: he drove the accident car to 4S shop. "I think I'm all responsible for it. Get the car into the 4S shop early, and get the car earlier. Even the traffic police did not wait. Mr. Chow once again started the car and drove to the 4S store. About 10 minutes later, the noise of the car engine was getting louder and louder, and even the accelerator pedal was not fixed. "Did you lose any parts when you crashed?" thought of this, he quickly turned around and drove the car back to the scene of the accident. There, Mr. Zhou saw a large pool of water. Later, he realized that this was the coolant leaking from his car. From Mr. Zhou's departure from the scene of the accident, it took him more than 20 minutes to return. Once again, I went back to the scene of the accident, and I could not start after the car stopped. Drag to the 4S shop to check that the engine of the car is running under the condition of lacking heat dissipation, and the deformation of the cylinder block is what we call the engine "pop up". The car is in the 4S store for more than 3 months. Last Friday, Mr. Zhou called the car road link. "Why is the car still not well repaired?" after calling 4S store, he said, "after the crash, Mr. Zhou's car tank was damaged and leaked. At that time, he did not notice, but continued to drive the cylinder. The manager of the maintenance department of the store said that the accident itself was not big. The two cars had to add up to more than 10 thousand yuan because of the rear end maintenance costs. However, Mr. Zhou's car needs to replace the cylinder because of the "burst cylinder". The cost is expected to be as high as 30 thousand yuan. Even worse, according to the insurance clause, Mr. Zhou's car continued to drive after the accident, resulting in an increase in losses. The insurance company refused to pay. This also means that, although more than 10 thousand multiple accidents are directly lost, the insurance company can claim, but because the "burst" loss of about 30 thousand yuan, Mr. Zhou's personal account. But Ma said that from the perspective of customer care, 4S shops and manufacturers will also compensate Mr. Zhou. "We will try our best to apply for the maximum discount for Mr. Zhou," he said. If the cooling system fails, the car continues to run, the engine piston expands and bends when heated, and it will soon block the cylinder and even cause a fire. If there is an accident, if you want to continue the car, you must do the following checks first, so as to prevent the loss from expanding. First: most cars, water tanks installed in the front, close to the front. Therefore, accidents (especially rear ends) can easily damage water tanks, or pumps, pipes, etc. So after hitting the car, we must check whether the vehicle is leaking and the cooling system is invalid. Second: if the chassis is hard to be hard, it may cause the engine, the gearbox to leak; the vehicle is hit by the side, may also cause the frame to bend, or the transmission system is damaged. To continue driving, it is possible to expand the loss. Third: in the insurance clause, the tire damage due to accidents can be paid. However, if driving continues, the hub damage will also be "artificially expanded", which will be denied by the insurance company.