Jiamei's hand brake light often fails
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Jiamei SXV2055000km a TOYOTA Camry SXV20 mileage 55 thousand kilometers, the owner reflected not pulling the brake, but the handbrake lights are always bright. This phenomenon is common in all kinds of vehicles. There are three possibilities: (1) the brake oil cup is short of oil, (2) the tail lamp bulb is damaged, 3) the brake pad is worn too thin. Brake oil plays a vital role in the brake system of the car. When the driver stepped on the brake, the force of stepping on the pedal, the piston of the total brake pump, passed the energy of the brake fluid to the wheels of the wheel, and made the friction plate open to stop the vehicle. When the brake is stopped, the return spring pullback the friction plate to its original position. In the brake oil cup, there are lines and downlines. If the brake oil in the cup is lower than the lower line, this phenomenon will be induced by the sensor next to the oil cup and reflected by the brake light on the dashboard. In this case, the brake oil can be made up in the oil cup, but in general, the brake oil will not suddenly fall down to the lower line. Most of the cases are that the gap between the brake disc and the brake disc is too large to cause the driver to lose the brake oil from the gap when it is on the brake. In view of this phenomenon, we should first check whether the oil content of the fuel cup is insufficient, and then check the brake discs of the tyres. The TOYOTA taillight and handbrake light is controlled by different sensors, but it is a bus, so if the taillight is choked with a light bulb, the handbrake light will be brighter. On the way to the workshop, the handbrake lights are always on. Enter the maintenance workshop, open the engine cover, and find that the brake oil in the oil cup is lower than the lower line. Before the troubleshooting, the battery, belt, antifreeze and auxiliary oil are routinely checked, and it is found that the antifreeze is less than that of the car, and it is suggested that the owner of the car replace the air filter. Because the fault is related to the braking system of the vehicle, the state of each wheel should be inspected. Unload the wheel inspection brake disc, wear and tear in general, from the need to replace the standard is 3 millimeter, if no replacement can continue to drive about 10 thousand kilometers, after the owner of the car, do not change the brake disc. Master Zhang also added: the car is in good condition, it is related to the car owner's driving habits. According to the past rules, the vehicle is about 50 thousand kilometers, and the brake disc needs to be replaced or repaired. After re installing the wheel, it is found that the rear wheel pressure is slightly lower than the standard 2.5 atmospheric pressure, and the rear tire is filled. The brake oil is added to the oil cup and the fault is ruled out. The handbrake is always bright in all kinds of cars. It is possible for owners to think of the failure of the handbrake when they encounter such a situation. If this happens, you can park your car on the curb and check whether the tail lamp bulb is light. Let's see if the brake oil cup is defective. After the discovery of oil loss, you can go to a small repair shop to fill up some brake oil and continue to drive, but must find time to check the regular maintenance station, because the small fault is often hidden behind a relatively large fault.