Maintenance no longer expensive BMW new generation 3 line maintenance outlook
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In July 13, 2012, a new generation of BMW3 cars was officially listed at a price of 31.6-59.96 million. This price can not be regarded as very personal, but it is also absolutely tempting, and it once again ignited the enthusiasm of the car. Although the specific cost of the vehicle has not yet been announced, I believe it should be similar to the X1 of the same type of engine. Starting from this generation of BMW3 series of F30/F35 series, turbocharged engine has become the whole configuration of this vehicle. At present, there are two types of motor vehicles on the domestic market, three power levels, the 320i/320Li series of the N20B20 Series 2 liter turbocharger engine with power output, the 328i/328Li series of the N20B20 Series 2 liter turbocharger engine of the N20B20 series, and the power of 225kw/5800r- Min's N55B30 series 3 liter turbocharged engine 335i/335Li series. According to the sales situation of the old E90 series 3 series, the low power version of the new 320i/320Li is bound to become the main model of the new generation of 3 line sales, and 335i/335Li is more to set up the brand image of the model.