Hot cars in winter have door ways and cold cars should not start immediately.
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During this period, Weihai kept low temperature, and winter hot cars seemed more necessary. But most people are vague about how long it takes for hot cars and hot cars. According to the technical staff consulted by the 4S store, although the answer is different, the basic concept is that the winter hot car is still indispensable for the vast majority of the electric vehicles. Some car owners have heard that the current vehicle can be omitted because of technological improvements. In order to rush to work, the overnight stop vehicles are often activated. Almost all professionals mentioned the habit of driving, which both consumed engines and oil. According to the introduction, the engine after a night of static, the friction surface of the oil residual pressure has long disappeared, the loss of oil film protection, low temperature to increase the viscosity of the lubricating oil greatly, adhesion and mobility of poor. Therefore, the heat engine wear is rather large. At the same time, when the engine is started at low temperature, if the gas is on the car, the temperature is still low, the gasoline atomization is not sufficient, it can not be fully burned, and it is easy to form carbon accumulation, so it is very expensive. Many owners do not have a clear idea of how long the hot car is. Some think it takes 3~5 minutes, others think 30 seconds are enough. There were no consistent answers to the technical staff of the stores. A more mainstream concept is that at present, the type of cars on the market can be shortened due to technological improvements. Specific hot car time can refer to two indicators, one is the water temperature, the other is the engine speed. Generally speaking, if the engine is idle, the engine speed must first be returned to the normal idle speed. Some of the German model of high speed, the start of its start to wait until 1000 turn around, the other models also have idle speed in the state of about 800, which is one of the conditions to meet. Another condition is that the dashboard shows that the water temperature has changed, and the fuel door can be driven. Some owners will wait until the water temperature rises to 70~80 degrees Celsius and then run normally, which is also a good choice. For the idle hot car after cold start, whether the original hot car or idle hot car is used is still controversial. Some technicians believe that in situ hot cars and idle slow moving vehicles are all part of the hot car process. The process of the original hot car should not be cancelled, and its specific time should be at least 30 seconds or so, allowing the oil pump to transport the oil to the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft, which the engine needs to lubricate the most. Subsequently, the vehicle can start. However, in the initial two hundred or three hundred meters of the short distance, car owners should not increase the throttle. The general operation is to step on the accelerator according to the above mentioned water temperature and speed.