New driver's license will be introduced next year to increase the cost of road test.
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From next year's new year's day, the Ministry of public security's newly revised regulations on the application and application of driving license will be formally implemented. In the new regulations of driving license, the proportion of examinations in various subjects will change at present. In order to understand the specific circumstances, Liu Nan, an economic voice reporter, consulted the head of a driving school in Beijing. The person in charge said, according to the new regulations, will increase the proportion of subjects three - the actual road test, and this will also lead to higher cost of driving school, the driving school price raising is unavoidable. Reporter: I heard that we need to change the new examination rules. Do I have a change in the rules of examination now? Driving school leader: it's all new. Isn't this the three subject this year? Next year will be four exam subjects. Reporter: what is the difference between these subjects? Head of driving school: if you sign up today, you can take 24, 25, 26 of the courses. This is a question and answer. In the future, there is no question and answer in the law course. Interviewer: other subjects besides law? Driving school leader: now the subjects are divided into 25, 54 school hours, then 40 school hours, the rest of the school time to three - the actual road, and then a security class, calculation subjects four, to do 50 problems. Reporter: is there any change in the cost of driving license after the new examination rules come out? The head of driving school: money rises before New Year's day, but not now. It is estimated to be a lot of money, because it put two of the subjects on the course of the subject three in the actual road, the gasoline is much more used, the coach has a long time. Reporter: how much is that estimated? Is it up to one thousand dollars? Driving school leader: almost. It is understood that the driving license of the driving school in Beijing has risen to between 4000 and 5000, and the cost will be more expensive if you want to enjoy the special car service. This is quite different from the price a few years ago, but the driving license was only 2000 in 2008. In the past driving test, the examination was divided into subjects one, subjects two and subjects three. The first is the traffic law examination, which is written in the form of written examination. The subject two is the site examination, which is carried out in a closed range. The main contents include the pile examination, the side parking, the cover of the well, the wide spread door, the starting and parking of the ramp, etc. The three of the subjects is the actual road test. You have to drive around the road with the examiner in a car. Chef Zhang, the driver of the driving school, told the economic voice that the reform exam will be divided into four subjects, and the last one is a bit like making movies. Reporter: what is the difference between the new regulations and the old ones? Coach: just changed the subject two. First the pile is the pole, now the bar is cancelled, and the line is changed. Now add a subject four, test subjects four to give Ben. Reporter: what is the subject four? Coach: a bit of theory, add a bit of slip. How to get the car in the foggy weather. Interviewer: do I have to wait until bad weather to get Ben? Coach: No, no. For example, I have a greenhouse on a site, just like a movie, spray some water and make some fog. Judging from the current situation, according to the new regulations, the proportion of subjects two will decrease, and three of subjects will become more important. For this reason, Miss Dai, who had just obtained her driver's license, said that it was more difficult for subjects two, but the practicality was not enough. Interviewer: which do you think is more difficult for subjects two and three? Miss Dai: I think subject two is more difficult, because subject three only simply trample on the brakes, step on the accelerator, change feet and so on, and drive slowly. Generally, there are few subjects two and three subjects. Reporter: in the course of driving on the road, have you felt some difficulties or feel at a loss and feel that the things you learned in the driving school are not enough to support you on the road? Miss Dai: of course. In fact, when you are on the road, the things you learn in driving schools are useless, and you have to drive more or let the experienced people guide you. Miss Dai analyzed the importance of subjects two and three. She believes that, according to the previous examination content, even after getting her driver's license, she was afraid to go on the road. Miss Dai: I think cross regulations are very important and should be learned. Subjects in the two exam are actually totally dependent on the car sense, such as side parking and so on. And when driving school teachers teach you, they will tell you to look at the location of a car, but it's impossible to see different cars. So I think it was just for the examination, and the driving license didn't give me the courage to drive on the road. After the implementation of the new regulations, it is expected to increase the ability of motorists to drive cars on the actual roads and reduce the occurrence of some "street killer". It also stipulates that traffic accidents involving drivers who are under three years of age should be investigated and verified.