Buick Regal 2.5 L saloon car braking time and space panel and sound panel display intermittent darkening.
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A Buick Regal 2.5 L with a mileage of about 90000KM. The owner reflects: when the vehicle is running, the pedal and the panel are displayed intermittently and darkened. According to the failure phenomenon, the air conditioning panel and the sound panel display at the same time darkening, should check the public circuit of its circuit. Look up the circuit of the car, find that the air conditioning panel and the sound panel share the G203 (under the dashboard, the right of the steering column), so check the G3203's iron lap condition, after the G203 tie - out point is treated, the failure It still exists. After testing, it is found that the fault does not appear in the repair shop (because the light is weak and the light system makes the light light on), and the fault sometimes appears when the road test is brake. The automatic headlamp system does not work and the light is extinguished. According to the analysis of the above road test results, the fault may be caused by the voltage signal passing through the brake lamp to the dashboard or the switch lighting system when the automatic headlamp system has not been started. Check the brake light bulb. It is found that the model of the brake light bulb of the car is not correct and the contact position is incorrect. Upon enquiry, the owner knew that the car had replaced the brake light bulb outside.