Add keys to the new Volkswagen
  • Automotive

The car lost a key, the owner asked to add a key, and then delete the original lost key, this is a very common and simple thing. Take out the new key to slotted, connect with the special four generation instruments, click the automatic diagnosis connection success, read the data, save the data, read the anti-theft data, generate the dealer key, match the key, finished. Test run, successfully start the engine, then match the remote control, also collect money. Who knew that the car had just returned from the moment and the driver told us that the meter mileage did not show. Strange things happen, new Bora has got a lot of cars and hasn't encountered such a situation. When you get on the bus, the position displayed by the odometer does not show the number of kilometers, but the number shown. It seems that the state of the matching key has not withdrawn, or the key has not been matched, and is ready to match the three keys, but only completes the matching of the two keys. Use the key to start everything normal, enter the instrument and the burglar alarm system with the diagnostic instrument, there is no fault. Take out the instrument again to match the key again, or not, after several times of matching, the instrument is changed into, there is a key that is not, can not start, read the anti-theft data only a key, it seems that the process of matching the key has a problem, but then how to match, only one key can start, and it can start, and all the keys can be started, and The instrument is the display. It is still the same. The key can be used directly by adding the key directly, but the instrument is always displayed, and the meaning of the display should be to match two keys, but it is just a match of a key, which is really a strange thing. Restore the original data, the instrument is normal, but the new key can not start, again match, the instrument display is not normal, the key is all normal, as if the equipment for the matching key process and the control unit on the car is not very good. How to solve this problem? It suddenly occurred to me that if you just choose to match a key, the meter will not prompt. Immediately enter the matching process, select the number of keys for one. After matching, the instrument is normal, and the key is added directly by adding the key. This time the meter is normal, and all the keys are normal. Although the root cause of the failure was not found, it eventually solved the problem.