Wuhan more than designated "taxi" brake hidden danger will be recalled
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According to CCTV's weekly quality report, nearly 13 thousand taxis with potential safety hazards in Wuhan have been on the road for nearly a year. In Wuhan, both the individual driver and the contractor of the taxi company have become the actual risk bearers of this reduced model. Wuhan taxi driver recently complained that Wuhan new Dongfeng Citroen new elyshe taxi brakes are not easy to make, often after the rear end of the accident, especially in rainy days, it is difficult to control. Since April 2011, the taxi industry has been upgrading in Wuhan. The insurance company's internal data on insurance business for taxis showed that from April 2011 to September 2012, Wuhan taxis jumped from about 90% per month to about 130%. Industry analysts said that the sudden increase in the risk rate is very unusual. The local taxi driver said, "there's no way to stop." After a year of taxi changing, the taxi driver Liu Shifu made five strange rear end accidents. After the accident, Liu's car was forensic, and the result showed that his vehicle brake system was not qualified. Master Liu said, "I have been driving a taxi for more than ten years, and now I feel that it is a tool for killing people. Behind the cab is the natural gas tank. After being hit, it is easy to cause an explosion. According to the information from the Wuhan Municipal Administration website, there were more than 15000 cabs in Wuhan city by April 2012, of which the new elyshe models were close to 13 thousand. In Wuhan, about 950 thousand people ride taxis with potential safety problems every day. Kan Youbo, a specialist in the national QSIQ auto recall center, found that after comparing taxis and the new elyshe's minimum configuration for sale to the public, the same number of year - old taxi versions had a lot less than the lowest version of the publicly sold elyshe, not only the ABS automatic anti lock system and the E. The BD electronic brake force distribution system, the aluminum alloy steel ring of the hub is replaced with the iron steel ring, even the rear wheel brake drum and the pressure pump are also a large circle smaller than the open sale. Many groups of comparative experiments show that these taxis have poor braking performance and great safety risks. The survey also found that the price of these reduced taxis was not "crude", and private car owners said they bought cars only sixty-two thousand yuan. A taxi driver said, "if you buy it at the company, it will cost one hundred and twenty thousand and five (thousand yuan)." For low - distribution vehicles, the phenomenon of high price sales, the Shenlong Automobile Company Dongfeng Citroen customer service said: "this taxi is decided by the government, it is according to the corresponding price of the corresponding allocation to carry out the corresponding demand." Taxi companies have no autonomy in vehicle selection and price when buying a car. Because of the restrictions on operating permits, the majority of Wuhan's taxi service licenses are held by taxi companies, and most of the drivers can only take part in the operation by contracting vehicles to taxi companies. The contractor may choose to pay a 20 thousand yuan deposit to the company and pay 5000 to 7000 yuan per month for the taxi company, and the other way is to "buy" the company for a price of 12 to 150 thousand yuan, but still pay a certain amount of money to the company every month. A taxi driver said, "this is a hidden rule. Even if there is something wrong with the car, you should take it, and do not have to." A taxi company owner said: "Wuhan taxi is designated by the city government, the government said that I will give you this car now, you can either not open, it is so simple." Mr. Wu, who owned a taxi license for individual operators, bought a publicly sold new elyshe in the 4S store in October last year, but failed to complete the card. A number of 4S salesmen said they had a roster of individual taxi owners from the administration, making it impossible for the driver to buy the car they wanted to buy. The traffic committee staff of the Wuhan residents' home said that it can not be said that it is not allowed to buy, the vehicle must first comply with the regulations of the taxi management regulations, and then the vehicle management office can give you a card. The price of the assigned taxis is much higher; there is no insider in the course of the purchase, the CCTV said in the survey report that it will continue to pay attention to these questions. According to the official micro-blog of the people's daily, the government of Wuhan, Hubei, held an emergency meeting on the 2 day, set up a special work class, investigated the problem of the city's taxi hidden trouble, and talked about the head of the Dongfeng Motor Company and its Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. Dongfeng company will inspect the taxis involved from now on. Once the problem is found, it will be recalled immediately and free of charge.