4S shops and insurance companies benefit from each other.
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Compared with the ordinary repair shop, the 4S shop service price is generally 3 to 5 times higher. Good technology services, naturally can improve the price, but after all, auto repair technology is not the invention patent, easy to learn, and easy to imitate, 4S store prices higher than the ordinary repair factory one or two times already very considerable, why can be 3 to 5 times as high as possible? Mr. Fu of Beijing has been repairing private cars in a 4S shop for many years, and his car insurance has been exposed. By the end of 2012, he was too fast in the vicinity of the West Second Ring in Beijing, with a Audi 1.8T. When the traffic police asked how to deal with it, Mr. Fu said he was responsible for the repair. Originally, Mr. Fu also opened a Audi car. After cutting it, he sent it to an ordinary repair shop to repair it. The price was less than 2000 yuan. While the other's Audi car was sent to a 4S repair factory called "yyah Jie" repair factory repair, a safety insurance company's fixed damage agent called, the other side's car insurance fixed amount is 6000 yuan. Mr. Fu asked in surprise: "you are the designated loss officer of my insurance company. Why don't you make some difference to the insurance company, instead, go to the 4S store to go to Gao Li Ding? The settlement officer replied: leaf plate replacement nearly 2000 yuan, small lamp replacement how much money, headlights damage how much money, and so on. And Mr. Fu's impression is that he has rubbed the small part of the front right side of the car. In view of this behavior, Mr. Fu invited an experienced auto driver to go to the 4S shop to check the damage of the other car. As a result, the injured party member said that after the consent of the parties, the leaf plates could not be exchanged, plus other concessions, which could reduce the maintenance cost of 2000 yuan. An insurance company told reporters that the insurance company and the 4S store indeed have the benefit of transportation, the reason is that 4S stores not only repair cars but also sell new cars, insurance companies to please 4S stores, can get more insurance policy. For this reason, claims are priced higher, and insurance companies are "one eye, one eye". In order to stop unfair competition, the Insurance Regulatory Commission stipulated that insurance companies should not exceed 10% of the insurance sales commission a few years ago. However, between insurance companies and 4S shops, they have found a solution. 4S store system internal regulations, do not allow each to buy parts to the market, also do not allow the original accessories to sell the spare parts out, once found to be a heavy penalty, or even the cancellation of the 4S shop qualification. However, a late gentleman in the western suburb of Beijing repair car said to the reporter that one day his Benz S type 500 car shock absorbers were broken. Accompanied by the insurance company, the car was sent to a 4S shop named "gold crown" to be fixed and repaired. "The repair shop of 4S shop inspected the car and said that two front shock absorbers should be replaced. The total cost is 38 thousand yuan, of which the unit price of the front shock absorber is 15 thousand yuan. "My car has not been insured against loss," he said. "This means that 20% of the repair costs need to be paid by oneself, that is to say, I have to pay more than 3000 yuan." What is unexpected is, "on the second day, I went to the west suburb accessory city to inquire. The front shock absorber of Mercedes Benz S500 car was priced at only 5000 yuan. What is even more bizarre is that the merchant of the accessory town said that the only Benz shock absorber in the shop was bought by the "golden crown" 4S store (his garage) the day before. Mr. late found the insurance company and pointed out that the 4S shop was slaughters. In this regard, the insurance company said that the Mercedes Benz S500 front shock absorber in the 4S store in the national unified price is really about 15 thousand yuan, the insurance company is also the 4S store parts prices of the victims of virtual high, the 4S store did not provide goods from the Benz Corp's distribution system according to the regulations, insurance companies also do not interfere. It is understood that the 4S store service price is high, the industry is known as "secret", the image of the saying is, "a new car to sell accessories, can sell the price of two new cars." The same brand of auto parts, 4S stores nationwide unified high pricing. A person who does not want to disclose the name of the industry said that 4S store prices are so high, not only with the benefits of insurance companies, but also related to the bus consumption, because a number of buses, especially high-grade cars, are carried out through the 4S store. According to the budget implementation of Guangdong province in 2012 and the report on the draft of the 2013 budget, the public car expenditure is still a big head of "three Gong", with a total of about 500 million yuan, accounting for nearly 60%, including about 73000000 yuan for the bus, and more than 400 million yuan for the operation and maintenance of the bus fuel and maintenance. Beijing city recently requested that the bus operation cost in 2013 be subject to quota management. The standard of vehicle operation and maintenance quota is about 30 thousand yuan. It is worth noting that some insurance companies have launched a "designated factory insurance + vehicle damage" portfolio service project, leading to a number of policyholders "as long as the maintenance of claims, to the 4S shop." Because the cost of the car repair is mainly paid by the insurance company, this part of the owner of the 4S shop is not concerned about the cost of the day service, the insurance company is also "dumb". When Mr. Fu went to the 4S store in Beijing to claim the invoice after repairing the car, Mr. Fu said that the 4000 yuan repair fee was 4500 yuan. Mr. Fu pointed out that the invoice was wrong and said he had a speech recording of a fixed member. So the ticket driver reopened a 4000 yuan invoice. Why did the other 4000 yuan invoice be 4500 yuan? A staff member who has long been engaged in auto insurance has decided to privately say, "this is likely to be a kind of reconciliation behavior of 4S shop to the" loss premium "of the designated damage collector. According to the disclosure, some insurance companies will be damaged by the loss of the car recommended to their own familiar 4S store, the price of a high fixed loss, after the repair of the car, 4S shop will give the damaged personnel certain benefits, this is an insurance industry of a potential test. People in the industry pointed out that the insurance companies use actuarial principles, in general conditions can be steady, or that this kind of insurance is less profitable, another kind of insurance makes more profit; in addition, it can also use the price increase to increase income. For 4S shops, the higher cost is also borne by the owner, whether it is bus maintenance or private car repair. For consumers, whether they are repairing cars or buying insurance, they have to pay for them themselves.