Trouble shooting of tractor hydraulic suspension system
  • Automotive

The tractor controls the agricultural machinery connected by the hydraulic suspension system. The hydraulic suspension system consists of a hydraulic part, a suspension part and a control part. The hydraulic part includes oil pump, distributor and oil cylinder. The suspension part includes the upper pull rod, the diagonal pull rod and the lower pull rod. Tractors usually operate agricultural machinery in the form of three point suspension. The specific form is that the front end of the upper pull rod and the lower pull rod is articulated with the tractor, and the rear end is articulated with the farm implements. The farm implements can get the tractive force of the tractor through the pull rod, and control the lifting of the hydraulic part through the manipulating mechanism so that the tractor hangs the farm implements for field operation, transfer or transportation. When the tractor is hanging the farm implements, the hydraulic suspension system often has the following malfunctions. It is necessary to analyze the reasons and eliminate them.