The engine of the golden cup passenger car can't start
  • Automotive

A golden cup multiplying vehicle equipped with a multi point fuel injection gasoline engine. When the car starts, the engine is working normally, but the engine can't start the engine and the engine fault lights are not bright. When the high voltage line was pulled out at the start of the test, it was found that the high voltage spark was blue and the spark was strong. Then pull down the gasoline intake pipe, connect the fuel pressure gauge, start the engine, the fuel pressure is 150 kPa, and the fuel pressure is low. So the fuel pump is replaced. After installation, the fuel pressure is displayed at 250 kPa, but the engine is still unable to start the engine. Remove the intake pipe in front of the throttle, spray the carburetor cleaner into it, and the engine is quickly activated. Connect the fault detector to read the data flow. It is found that the absolute pressure data and injection pulse width of intake manifold are abnormal when starting the engine. The absolute pressure of the intake manifold is shown to be 45 kPa, and the injection pulse width is 4.5 MS. This small injection pulse width, the engine can not start the engine of course, and when the ignition switch is connected, the absolute pressure of the intake manifold is 55 kPa, and the normal should be 100 kPa. Check the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor. It is found that it is a new one. When the sensor is ready to be removed, the upper and lower two parts of the sensor should be completely separated, indicating that the fault is caused by this. Removal method: replace the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor.