Is it necessary to go to 4S shop to repair auto parts?
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If your car key is dead, you need to change a button battery. Will you choose to go to the brand 4S shop or the ordinary car repair shop? Before choosing a 4S shop like endorsement, please note that the difference between them is 200 yuan. In fact, in the process of vehicle maintenance and repair, such price difference is everywhere. Is it necessary to change the wiper, change the oil filter element, or even change the headlights? Is it really necessary to shop in a non 4S shop? We will find out the red and black list of "flexible projects" for reference. But remember that if these accessories are still under warranty, you can rest assured that you can go to 4S shop for repairs. Once these parts have passed the warranty period, they can purchase new accessories by themselves and replace them at the garage. Wipers are vulnerable parts. Generally speaking, they need to be replaced once a year, and the wipers are abnormal or not clean. They are all signs of aging. Through the network, the auto Town, the repair shop, we can all buy the wiper, the price of these wipers from several hundred yuan to a few hundred yuan, to pick the right, and some skills. First of all, we should find out the types, specifications and interface types of the windscreen wipers. If this is still not assured, you can remove the original wiper on the car for comparison. There are so many wipers on the market that there are plenty of people to choose from. At this time, it is not enough to look at the packaging. It is necessary to observe whether the rubber strip on the wiper is even and smooth without impurities and elastic. After changing the new wiper, it is necessary to observe the normal operation of the motor. If it starts the wiper, hearing the abnormal motor or the wiper can not work properly, it is necessary to close the wiper function at this time to prevent the motor from burning. Although most of the brand models do not maintain the oil filter core, but in the vehicle warranty period, we usually go to the 4S store for maintenance, and during this period, the 4S shop will also replace the oil filter core. In order to ensure the full after-sale warranty service, we suggest that everyone in the vehicle warranty period or to the 4S shop maintenance, do not have to buy the oil filter core replacement. The oil filter cartridge also has different specifications and models. Before purchase, it is necessary to determine the type of filter matched with the car. The mainstream oil filter brands in the market are Mann card, BOSCH, Mahler and so on. The process of replacing the oil filter is not complicated, but the improper operation may cause oil leakage and so on. Therefore, it is suggested that it should be replaced by a professional auto repair shop after the purchase. Spark plugs are also vulnerable parts, because in the long run, the electrodes on the spark plug are gradually consumed, and when the loss reaches a certain extent, the car will have a power drop, and so on. When choosing spark plugs, the first thing to see is whether the model matches the engine of the car. Another reference is the heat value of the spark plug. The spark plug with high heat value is suitable for the high speed engine, but if you meet the traffic jam, it will produce more carbon, so we should choose the driving habits according to their own driving habits, and do not blindly pursue the high heat value. The replacement of the spark plug can reflect the condition of the car. If there is a lot of carbon in the vicinity of the electrode, it is likely that the burning of the car is not sufficient in the near future, and it is likely to be the problem of the oil. However, it is necessary to remind you that if the warranty period is not over, it is best not to change the spark plug itself, and some manufacturers are likely to refuse to provide warranty service. For the "Nu Nu", the horn is also a very easy part of damage, in the case of the trumpet, the trumpet is "dumb", so it needs to be replaced. In fact, the replacement of a car horn needs to be treated carefully, because it is related to the circuit of the car, and once a little problem is made, it can also cause a series of problems. In order to avoid these risks, it is best to match the model with the vehicle when choosing, and do not need to change the horn of the circuit. Such horn is easy to install and will not affect other electronic components. The speakers on the market are mainly two kinds of pot loudspeaker and snail horn, relatively speaking, the basin type is more electricity saving, but the sound is not as loud as the snail horn. In the working process of the engine, a large amount of air is needed to take part in the combustion, and the dust in the air is isolated through the air filter core. The wear of the piston and cylinder can be reduced and the serious "cylinder" phenomenon is avoided. If driving in a dry and sandy environment for a long time, the frequency of replacing the air filter element should be quicker to observe whether there is a lot of dust deposition inside the air filter element. Excessive dust blockage of air filter element will cause insufficient air into the cylinder, thereby affecting the engine condition. Similarly, before buying the air filter, make sure that it matches your vehicle. After selecting the suitable air filter element, you can change it by yourself. Generally speaking, the air filter is installed on the side of the engine. As long as the grid of the air filter element is opened, the original filter element can be seen to be replaced. It is recommended to replace the vehicle when it is not started, otherwise the overheated engine compartment may cause burns. In the process of checking and replacing the air filter, the filter core can not be dampted by water. This will increase the intake resistance of the engine and shorten the service life of the filter core. The importance of car lights does not need many words, for many high-end cars, it is difficult to buy their own car lights, for example, some of the original LED traffic lights in the market, it is difficult to buy. But for most ordinary cars, choosing the brand of the reliable car lights can be self assured and bold. Like ordinary bulbs, headlights are divided into many different bayonets, which are classified as H1, H3, H4 and so on. Before buying, make sure which kind of bayonet is matching with the car and avoid changing the circuit during the process of changing the lamp. The process of changing the lights is not complex, but most of the cars are packed with the light, and there is not much space left for us to operate, so it is better to find a professional repair shop to replace it. In addition, the lampshade of the lamp can also be purchased and replaced by itself. For ordinary car owners who lack professional knowledge, these parts are out of order, so they should be handed over to 4S shop. In the market, we can also buy many battery cars, which are often cheaper than 4S shops. However, in the selection of batteries, we should not be greedy for petty advantages. On the one hand, this cheap battery is likely to have a shorter life span, and the power management module of some other models can easily fail if it does not match the battery. Many people believe that they can also buy high-quality brake pads on the market. Indeed, if you can buy comparable brake shoes, you can save a lot of money. However, once the brake system fails in the future, most 4S stores will refuse to warranty the brake pads instead of the original ones. In fact, transmission is a general term, which includes transmission bearings, differential assembly, synchronizer and other components. It is the most complex part of the technology that embodies the core technology of automobile manufacturers. Those transmissions that have been repaired by other auto repair plants will be difficult to guarantee in the future. The truth is the same as the gearbox.