The hot car has a doorway in the cold winter season
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(1) in winter, the engine is not hot and the engine costs oil. Some drivers think that the current vehicle, because of the improvement of technology, can be omitted in this step. In order to catch the time, the vehicle is often opened all night after the vehicle is started. This kind of driving habits not only loses the engine but also the oil. After a night's static position, the residual pressure of the lubricating oil on each surface has disappeared, the protection of the oil film is lost, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is greatly increased, and the adhesion and fluidity are worse. Therefore, the heat engine wear is rather large. At the same time, when the engine is started at low temperature, if the gas is on the car, the temperature is still low, the gasoline atomization is not sufficient, it can not be fully burned, and carbon deposition is easy to form, thus increasing the loss of the oil. (2) whether the hot car will finish the life and see the temperature and speed of the water. Many drivers don't have a clear idea of how long the hot car is. Some think it takes 35 minutes. Some think that 30 seconds are enough. There is no uniform standard. The more mainstream view is that most of the current models, because of the technology change price, price in, the hot car time than the older vehicles can be correspondingly shorter, the specific time can refer to 2 indicators, one is engine speed, and one is water temperature. Generally speaking, if in the process of idle hot car, first need engine speed back to normal idle speed level, some car normal speed is high, after starting, it needs to wait until about 1000 turn / minute around, some type of normal speed is lower, after starting, it will be about 800 turn / minute to be able to do. Drive. Another condition is that the dashboard shows a change in the temperature of the water, and it can be refueling. Generally speaking, the water temperature rises to 70~80 degrees centigrade, and it can run normally. (3) a short-time hot car can be idle at an idle speed. There is still some controversy about whether the idle hot vehicle after cold start is in the original hot car or idle slow hot car. Some experts believe that the original hot car and idle slow walking train are all hot car processes. The process of the original hot car should not be cancelled. The time should be at least 30 seconds. This can make the oil pump send the oil to the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft which the engine needs to lubricate the most, and it can start with the rear vehicle. Only in the first two hundred or three hundred meters, it is not appropriate to increase the throttle until the water temperature and speed reach the standard of hot cars and then accelerate.