Teach you to clean and protect the hidden parts of the car
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The carpet inside the car is stuck on the car body, easy to dirty and not easy to clean. When cleaning, you can use the vacuum cleaner with brush head to clean the dust. For the dirty parts of the carpet, sprinkle the right amount of carpet detergent, use the soft hair brush for repeated scrubbing, and finally clean the excess detergent with clean cloth. When the seat adheres to dirty things, it is recommended to use a long hair brush and a strong suction cleaner to suck the dirt out, then use the brush to clean the dirty parts, such as larger stains and garbage. Finally, use a clean cloth to dip a small amount of neutral lotion, wipe the seat surface thoroughly under half dry and half wet condition. It is especially important to note that the rag must be wrung dry to prevent wetting from wetting the seat. The steering wheel is easy to stain because it is often handled by hand. If you stick your hands, it will affect your driving mood. When you clean it, wipe it with water. If you add a little detergent, it's easier to clean up, but be careful to wipe it up with water. The seat belt is too dirty. It will stain the driver's clothing and even affect its function when used. It is not necessary to remove the seat belt when cleaning. It should first be washed with soapy water and then washed with clean water. Do not roll immediately after washing, and dry in a cool place. Note: it is not suitable to use strong detergents, bleaching powder and chemical cleaning agent, nor allow the safety belt to be exposed to the sun. The suitcase is a "garbage station", you can first use a vacuum cleaner to float, and then clean the bottom pad with a carpet cleaning agent, then dry it, and then put things back in the trunk.