Analysis of abnormal fault of hand brake light and ABS alarm lamp
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Mr. Song: Recently, after a long time, there was rustling friction on the front wheels of the car. What is the matter? Answer: you can see if the brake disc on the front front wheel is hotter than the other three. If so, most of the cases are caused by the delay of the right front brake pump, which leads to the brake lag, which will result in the frictional sound that you describe accordingly. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the spot inspection of the front brake sub pump return position. Reader Xie Xie asked: recently discovered that the coolant of the vehicle is easy to consume. How is this going to happen? Reply: normally, it is normal for the vehicle to add 0.5~1 liter for half a year. It is normal loss, if the consumption of the coolant explains the leakage part. Therefore, it is suggested to drive the vehicle to 4S shop or maintenance shop for inspection, including checking pipes, water tanks, pumps and water plugging parts. Readers, Miss Zhu asked: when the car was driving, it was found that the brake lights and ABS warning lights on the meter were all bright. What's the matter with you? Response: the occurrence of this failure is mainly due to the drop of the liquid level of the brake fluid. The reduction of the liquid level of the brake fluid is mainly due to the wear of the brake disc. The brake fluid will drop after the brake disc wear. When the liquid level drops to a certain scale, the brake liquid level alarm lamp will light up to remind the driver to check or replace it. Brake pads. If the brake pad is not seriously worn and can be used continuously, only the brake fluid must be added to the normal scale. If the brake pad wear is serious, it is necessary to replace the new brake pad. After replacing the new brake disc, the brake fluid level will naturally return to normal.