Abnormal sound of Toyoda Kamimizu car engine
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A 2008 TOYOTA Camry with a mileage of about 35 thousand km. User response: the car has a loud noise when it starts, and its acceleration is particularly obvious. According to the customer's description, the loud noise can be heard clearly after starting the engine, and the sound of the engine is more loud when the engine speed is between 1000 and 2000r/min. Fault diagnosis: a stethoscope is used to diagnose, and the sound is transmitted from the inside of the engine, and the right side is most obvious. Turn on the oil filler port to listen to the sound of the air flow, and experience the sound is not a worn or moving sound in the engine or a part. Check engine oil, oil level is normal, no obvious impurities. When the engine drive belt is removed, the sound of the engine can be disappearing after starting the engine. It is normal that when the pump is checked, there is a slight leakage antifreeze phenomenon when the pump is checked, and the clear amount can be felt when checking the open quantity, and the air conditioning pump and the steering pump capacity are checked normally. After the replacement of the pump assembly, the fault is eliminated. Maintenance summary: because the pump is installed on the right side of the engine body, the stethoscope will hear crosstalk, and the location of the abnormal sound is not good enough. Removing the transmission belt will eliminate some rotating parts, and the scope of search will be reduced. Water pump bearing damage is generally due to the poor sealing of water seal resulting in corrosion of the antifreeze fluid into the bearing, resulting in abnormal wear and abnormal noise.