Poor cooling effect of Buick Kai Yue air conditioning
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Q: a Buick Kai Yue 1.6 car, the customer reaction air conditioning refrigeration is insufficient, we check the pipeline has been confirmed no leakage, using pressure gauge to detect high pressure pipeline pressure is high, low pressure tube pressure is normal; check condenser found more dirt attached to the surface, water cleaning condenser after the troubleshooting. However, the customer said the air conditioning has a peculiar smell, so we cleaned the evaporator and air duct once, but the odor always existed. Where should we check again? Another question is whether the general blower speed is modular or resistance controlled. Answer: because of the poor heat exchanger effect caused by poor heat exchanger, you have ruled out the smell of the air conditioner after it is good. The abnormal smell of air conditioning mainly comes from two parts, one is the evaporator and pollen filter of the air conditioner, the other two is the inside of the carriage. Dark, moist and warm are three main reasons for mold. The air conditioning system is the accumulation of more parts of the bacteria and mold inside the car, and the mold will directly blow into the indoor air and pollute the respiratory tract of the human body with the air of the air conditioning. So it's right for you to clean the evaporator and the air duct. The key to prevent the first pollution source is to replace the air conditioning pollen filter, clean the evaporator and dredge the air conditioning drainage pipe. If the smell is always there, it will need to be searched from second sources. Because the air conditioning needs to absorb heat from the entire compartment, it may suck into the exhaust of the whole compartment, including the smell in the rear luggage compartment, and circulate inside. Therefore, thoroughly clean up the bottom of the carriage, the trunk and the inside of the carriage, so as to eliminate the unusual smell. As for general motors, the speed of blower is also two kinds of blower voltage control: GL model (C60), G model (CA), GL8 model (C34), race Europe, and Kai Yue and so on are resistance control; GLX/XSJ model (CJ4), GS model (CJ2), Regal2.5/2.0 (C56), etc. are module control.