Skillful use of nuts and pads to avoid vehicle leakage
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In the daily use of vehicles, oil leakage often occurs. Vehicle leakage not only causes waste of lubricating oil and fuel, but also directly affects the technical performance of vehicles. The most important thing is that summer is coming, and the leakage of oil will encounter hot weather, or will cause important safety accidents. Fan Liangyin, a vehicle maintenance technician in Zhongshan, said that the use of nuts and pads can avoid leakage of vehicles. Because of the oil leakage of the vehicle, the internal lubricating oil of the machine is reduced, which leads to the bad lubrication and insufficient cooling of the auto parts, which causes the early damage of the machine parts and even the hidden trouble of the accident. Vehicle oil leakage is usually due to poor quality, material or technology of automobile parts, and there are problems in structural design. Fan Liangyin said that part of the car oil leakage is due to improper assembly of parts, parts are not clean or the liner breakage, displacement and other reasons, as well as the long use of sealing materials wear excessive, aging deterioration resulting in deformation failure. In addition, due to the blockage of the ventilation plug and the check valve, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the case will often cause the oil leakage in the weak sealing area. "Some oil seals are too long to lose elasticity due to rubber aging. It is found that the leakage should be updated in time. " Fan Liangyin told reporters that to prevent vehicle oil leakage, the driver should check the nut often, all kinds of fastening nuts on the car should be tightened according to the specified torque, the nut is loose and the lining will leak, and the tightness will make the metal bulge around the hole or slip the thread and cause oil leakage. At the same time, the vehicle owners need to pay attention to the lining between the parts of the car's stationary parts, which plays an anti leakage and sealing role. In addition, the owners need to avoid the blocking of one-way valves and ventilatory valves. After the engine's ventilation system is blocked, the piston's motion resistance is increased, and the fuel consumption is increased. Due to the difference of air pressure inside and outside the casing, it often causes leakage of oil at the weak part of the seal. Therefore, vehicles should be regularly checked, dredged and cleaned. Dear friends, bin brother said that the car column would like to share the car buying and car use skills with the owners of the car owners, and also make some comments on the events in the automobile industry, so that the Zhongshan car market will be more transparent in front of you.