The citizen spent 100 thousand yuan to repair the car and replace the 102 parts.
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A new car accident, found a repair factory introduced by a friend, spent 100 thousand yuan and changed 102 parts, but the car always had an abnormal noise in the course of the car, doubting the use of water and cargo components. To the 4S shop to check, it is so, the tragedy! [reporter Zhao Jiaxin verified] in April of this year, Mr. Yang's car crashed in Wuchang. "It took about 300000 of the car to drive 200 kilometers." A friend of Mr. Yang introduced him to the vehicle repair company of Renhe road in Renhe Road, Hongshan. Mr. Yang and the company signed a maintenance contract of 112 thousand yuan, the contract marked "guarantee repair parts for the factory parts". After the car was repaired, Yang Xiansheng paid 100 thousand yuan for maintenance. During the driving process, Mr. Yang always heard a strange noise inside the car, and when he stepped on the accelerator, the car suddenly bumped and the horn of the car changed. Mr. Yang handed over the car to the company to repair it again, but the problem remained unsolved. In October, Mr. Yang received a notice from 4S shop to do car maintenance. After checking, he told him that the car could not be maintained because many parts were replaced. 4S shop master told him that light eyes can see, there are no less than 20 problems, the so-called factory accessories are simply fooling people. Earlier this month, reporters and Mr. Yang found the source of the company. Mr. Yang also invited the master of a car repair shop in Panlong city to accompany him. Roomo, one of the head of the company, insisted on maintenance, but through the scene, Luo acknowledged that there may be some problems in the maintenance process, but some parts are not made by themselves, but are responsible for the parts supplier. After field inspection, the engine shield board is not installed at all, the shield board under the water tank is not installed, the compressor is not replaced, the first section of the low pressure pipe has welding marks, the engine warehouse safety box has only changed part of the shell, the gearbox shell has obvious damage trace, it is an old one, the total cost of the direction machine should include the inside. Outside the ball, but the company charges the inside and outside balls separately. A surnamed Zhou official at 4S store, Changfeng Road, said that the factory accessories will only be supplied to 4S store, but 4S shop will not sell it to the general repair shop privately. One industry person said that the general maintenance shop may get some parts from the factory, but there is no invoice, and many car roots do not know the difference between the parts of the factory and the accessories, so few people question it. According to the industry, according to the market, parts will be priced at 40% on the basis of price, 8000 yuan for artificial cost. "The price of the maintenance company is about 80%, and the labor cost is about 5000 yuan." Yesterday, Mr. Yang provided a 100 thousand yuan receipt covering the official seal of "Wuhan Hui Yuan automobile maintenance Co., Ltd.". "I have a contract in hand, and they do not provide an invoice. If I don't give me a reasonable explanation, I'm going to take the legal procedure."