The car breaks down without asking price. The car owners are blackmailed first.
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A few days ago, Mr. Li, a Yongjia man, was driving on the second section of the Hangzhou Jinqu expressway. The cylinder cushion of the engine suddenly broke down. So Mr. Li went to a repair shop nearby to repair the car. After the car was repaired, the cost of the factory left Mr. Li dumb. "Originally thought that a maximum of several hundred yuan is enough, I did not expect manufacturers to pay 1630 yuan for repair costs." Mr. Li felt that he had been caught in the pit and said he would not pay such an expensive fee. It's no use arguing with the manufacturers. Finally, the car was buckled by the repair shop. Unfortunately, Mr. Li had to run to Zhuji West Industrial and commercial office for complaint. The law enforcement officers of the industrial and commercial bureau rushed to the garage. Repair factory surname Lu, repair shop license is complete, and can provide incoming documents. LV factory director explained that the malfunctioning vehicles were small Changan minibus. The cylinder pad was washed and exploded because of high temperature. It needs to be replaced, and some other accessories should be replaced. "To Mr. Li to repair the car at night, relying on technology, earned is hard money, two repairmen have been busy from 7 o'clock in the evening to the early morning, a total of 6 hours, the total maintenance fee of 1630 yuan, including the replacement of 430 yuan, repair work fee of 1200 yuan, a reasonable collection." Business personnel carefully checked the maintenance list and found that the replacement parts of the repair shop were more than twice as expensive as usual, and there was suspicion of arbitrary charges. After mediation by law enforcement officers, the factory agreed to charge only 900 yuan for maintenance. "If the citizens are driving out, if they need to repair the car in an emergency, it is necessary to go to a qualified repair plant. Before it is repaired, we must consult the approximate cost, so as to avoid the dispute after the completion of the work." The staff of the industry and Commerce Department suggest that.