Change the oil filter to do it yourself and do it
  • Automotive

Many times, their own car repair, do not necessarily have to patronize the 4S shop, spend money, save experience, save time, learn knowledge, enjoy the fun of DIY. Such as changing oil, changing lights and so on, these works can be done by yourself, but it can not be sloppy. Here are the points for attention. But you can't blindly add oil to the engine. When the oil is replaced, the engine should be started to reach the normal working temperature (above 80 degrees centigrade), then the engine is extinguished, and the oil tray and the filter in the filter are put out under the condition of the hot car. Some types of oil drain plug are magnetic plugs. After standby oil is released, the iron scraps on the oil drain plug should be cleaned and screwed. Experts warn that it is not advisable to pour in new oil without putting out old oil. The right thing to do is to clean the oil and replace the new oil filter, because it is through the oil filter to filter the impurities in the oil, if not, the impurities on the filter will flow into the clean oil and the oil will be polluted, which loses more significance. So when changing the oil, the oil filter will also be replaced. Then pour the new oil into the specified part. According to the service director of the automobile service company, the oil is like the "grain" of the car, the lack of grain, the car can not run normally, so if the oil is missing, it can not be ignored. Long time oil lack will cause the engine to "pull the cylinder" phenomenon, which will be towed to the repair plant for the engine overhaul, light It only needs to replace part of the components, and the heavy ones need to replace the engine assembly, which is very harmful. Therefore, the main engine is to change the oil in time.