It is better to sign maintenance contracts for vehicle overhauls.
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Recently, Mr. Fan, the owner of the car, complained to the Dongguan Auto Maintenance Industry Association, saying that he bought a luxury brand car to be sent to the garage last week. One of the important parts did not change at all. The service list listed by the car was changed, and the value of the accessory was more than 9000 yuan. "After all, I am learning science and engineering, I have been interested in mechanical things, and how many to understand the principle of repairing cars, if not, I would probably be more innocent to more than 9000 yuan, really too angry, don't we think that we do not know how to repair the car, can you make fun of it?" Maybe a lot of car owners have a similar experience, when finishing a car lift, look at the documents, take a calculator to figure out whether the total price is up, will pay money. Before this happened, Mr. Fan was also the same, but from then on, he had to have a long mind. Mr. Fan bought a car worth about 700000 yuan in a luxury brand car line in March. One day at the end of last month, Mr. Fan's car encountered a small collision. At that time, he felt no obstacle to the car for more than ten years. He opened the car to 4S store or made some simple treatments. Because there was work to rush back to the company, fan went to the 4S shop and took a taxi back to the unit, and asked his wife to go to the 4S shop to repair the car. Two days later, when Mr. Fan came to the garage to pick up the car, he found that there were several maintenance items on the maintenance record list. The total maintenance cost was nearly twenty thousand yuan. With Mr. Fan's experience, he felt that a slight collision, apart from vehicle paint, could not see the car seriously injured. After a closer look at the list, fan found a circuit board with a price of more than 9000 yuan. Mr. Fan questioned the maintenance staff. The maintenance personnel informed that although the accident was small, it did lead to problems in the circuit board, and it was difficult to repair, and could only be replaced. "Can you show me my old circuit board now?" When Mr. Fan put forward this request, the maintenance personnel was stiff at once, and then went to the maintenance station to whisper. The station stationmaster immediately explained: "excuse me, apprentice mistaken, your car does not change the circuit board, is with another model of the same model of the car mixed, the cost does not produce, you need to pay a total of 6800 yuan maintenance fee, we give you two free maintenance, I hope you can understand." Mr. Fan was very annoyed and was glad that his wife was not checking out but herself. If you change your wife to settle accounts, you will probably pay directly. "It's easy to make mistakes. You can't do the job so much. Do you think we can make a good fool of the money we have in a high - grade car? To fix the car and go, to settle down and pay." Mr. Fan was very angry, although the station master repeatedly apologized, but he still complained about the matter to the maintenance industry association. Professional maintenance master told reporters that some of the important parts of the vehicle are to check the model, not a look on the car is not the part of the car, and not just take an old piece can be fooled. In the daily car repair, many owners, especially the female owners, do not know much about the car. The problem is not clear and the problem is not known. Once the car is repaired, it will be all right to drive to the 4S shop or repair shop, and then wait for the phone call from the car at home, then pick up the car and pay for it. Zhang Huawen, Secretary General of the maintenance industry association, believes that the owners, especially the women who do not understand the car, have a simple way to maintain the maintenance documents to keep their rights after the day, and the other is to save the old parts of the spare parts for the vehicle maintenance, which is for the people who do not understand the car. It's easy to say. Yang Xing, the after-sale maintenance master, told reporters that the car owners do not take the car in a hurry after taking the car. They should check the business list carefully, including the maintenance items, the work hours, the accessories and so on, to see if there is any duplication of payment. Check vehicle status and compare with records before repair. After satisfaction, a warranty agreement, claim agreement and so on will be signed with the repair shop. The warranty agreement has been included in the detailed list of the special service station. If the car owners simply leave the car to the car or the maintenance plant, and how to maintain the maintenance master, the owner can only wait until the car will know. So after a problem comes back to find businesses, businesses will not necessarily recognize accounts. So the lawyer reminds the car owner to ask the car first to ask the approximate price. Once the maintenance cost is more than 5000 yuan or more, then as the owner, we should consider a maintenance contract with the car or the garage, so as not to recognize the problems between the two parties. Tan Zhouyang, a lawyer of Dongguan Guan letter law firm, told reporters that many maintenance stations in Dongguan use computer network management, use the computer to print the list and bill, although this is not a contract, but the signature or even seal of the maintenance staff is the essence of the maintenance contract. There are detailed instructions on the maintenance project, the time of taking the car, the handling of the old parts, the price of spare parts, the time of working hours, the period of quality guarantee and the contact telephone, and the warranty on the basis of the invoice and the maintenance record. Therefore, as a vehicle owner, when the car is removed from the plant, all documents related to the maintenance, including the replacement of the old parts, should be taken away. This is very helpful in the case of maintenance disputes.