Auto industry terminology (Chinese and English translation)
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Auto industry terminology ---------------------------------------------------------------1 ACC activated carbon canister active carbon tank 2 ACI automatic car identification system auto recognition system 3 air cushion for air cushion vehicle 4 air cooled steam car, air cooled vehicle, air cooled car (installed) 5 APC aperture card perforated cards 6 ASU automatic interference suppression for car radios suppresses ignition Cars (American slang, mini car, cycle car, midget car); infant car 8 backfiring in carburetor carburetor (explosion in the) 9 Oil device 14 C.P. car park (stop) 15 C/O carry over carrying 16 cable-testing car cable inspection car 17 car aerial automobile antenna (automobile aerial) 18 Maintenance workers, motor vehicle maintenance workers 22 car navigation computer vehicle navigation computer, vehicle guide computer 23 car park parking lot, parking place 24 car waiting to repair to be repaired car, 25 car wander auto snake row 26 car washing car, 27 automobile cleaning station, 28 washing car equipment, car washing machine; The cleaning machine 29 car washing department washing machine, the 30 car washing installation laundry equipment between the vehicle cleaning workers, the 31 car washing installation washing equipment, the car washing equipment and the washing machine car washing machine 33 Wheel independent suspension car 35 carb carburetor, vaporizer (carburator), 36 CARB 1. carburetor (carburettor) 2. carbonization, carburizing (carbonization) 37 carb adjustment carburetor, 38 CARB California Air Resources Board Californian atmospheric Resources Bureau 39 limestone carburetor, carburetor 40 Oard cardboard, cardboard 41 carbon carbon (symbol C); carbon stick, brush, graphite, carbon deposit, carbon layer 42 carbon electrode carbon stick, carbon electrode 43 carbon monoxide CO (CO) 44 carbonization test (lubricating oil) coking test 45 CARE corporate 46 Automotive Research Program automotive cooperation research program 47 CARR carriage car slide plate 48 CARR carrier carrier, carrier 49 carriage vehicle, frame, bracket, bracket; (machine tool) trailing board; machine sliding part; base, chassis; load-bearing device, loader; transport, freight 50 carriage body body 51 CARS computer 51 CARS computer Stem computer aided (transportation network) line selection system 52 CART carton card paper 53 cartridge tube shell, box; chuck, chuck; seat; sleeve; bushing (filter) core; (image) film; bracket 54 cartridge fuse fuse wire, fuse wire 55 cartridge paper drawing, picture paper 56 CAT carburetor air temperature carburetor air Temperature 57 CFC chlorofluorocarbons containing chlorofluorocarbons (fluorine Refrigerants) 58 CFRC carbon fiber friction material carbon fiber friction materials 59 CFRP carbon fiber reinforced plastic carbon fiber reinforced plastics 60 Carbon 63 CO2 carbon dioxide carbon dioxide carbon dioxide 64 COEI carbon-monoxide emission index carbon monoxide emission index 65 COF container-on-flt car plate loading method, container transport method on a flat plate truck 66 convertible car live roof car 67 OST car park 69 CPT carpet carpets 70 CR carriage return return 71 CUCV commercial utility cargo vehicle commercial, light, multipurpose truck 72 DCCSC Engined passenger car diesel engine bus, diesel engine car 75 differential carrier differential shell (differential case, differential housing) 76 dismantling from car removed components, car dismantled into 77 Oil device 79 ECC-CU (control unit) electronically controlled carburetor control unit control carburetor control device 80 EFC electronic fecdback carburetor electronic feedback control carburetor (computer based on the exhaust pipe sensor signal, automatic regulation of air fuel ratio) 81 Sub fuel oil control carburetor 82 EIC carbon emission index carbon emission index 83 electronically controlled carburetor computer control carburetor, electronic controlled carburetor (hereinafter referred to as ECC) 84 electronically controlled carburetor-control unit electronic control carburetor electric sub controller (abbreviated) 85 Carburetor anti pollution carburetor 86 enclosed cardan shaft closed drive shaft (encased propeller shaft) 87 EOHC engine-out hydrocarbon engine exhaust hydrocarbons 88 explosion in Ng back) 90 exposed cardan shaft open type universal drive shaft; open nail and Tang shaft, 91 fast back car slant back car 92 FBC feedback carburetor feedback carburetor 93 float float carburetor 94 A door canopy can be folded in a folding car 97 four-tire car four tires (refers to a car with a tires pierced by a pointed or leaking gas, and thus no longer needs a spare tire). The 98 front-wheel-drive car front wheel drive car (referred to as f-w-d car) 99 fuel-cell car fuel cell (driven) (in May 14, 1996, Me) Rcedes-Benz shows the world's first hydrogen fuel cell car in Berlin, which uses a special reactor to produce H2 and CO2 on the car, and then introduces H2 into a polymer battery. Under the action of the catalyst, it can react with the air, produce H2O and current, drive the vehicle with the electric current and drive the vehicle) the front wheel drive of the f-w-d car wheel drive. Front-wheel drive car 101 general purpose car omnipotence, multipurpose vehicles, multipurpose cars, multipurpose cars (such as full wheel drive Beijing Cherokee), 102 GPC glass carbonate composite glass polycarbonate composite 103 GT grade, 105 Hydrogen carbon ratio in hydrogen/carbon ratio fuel (hydrocarbon)