I can solve the problem of 10 simple skills.
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Driving on the road, it is unavoidable to meet some unavoidable failures. Some cases need to go to the repair shop immediately for maintenance and maintenance. In some cases, it can be solved by their own simple treatment. If you are in a fault, you are in a remote suburb or inconvenient to go to the 4S store. It's particularly important to learn the skills to handle the trouble simply. The so-called "long sick doctor" can be used in the critical moment by learning to master some simple emergency repair methods. Jitter during cold start is a common problem in many gasoline engines. The main reason is that the combustion inside the cylinder is not thorough, resulting in the lack of vehicle power, and the vehicle has been jitter. If the valve is not properly closed due to the poor working of individual cylinders, it can run on high speed for 3 minutes or 4 blocks, and symptoms can disappear. If the hot car does not shake, but the shift is not smooth, it is possible that the injection nozzle injection is not uniform, need to detect cleaning, that needs to be handled by professional maintenance agencies. The most terrible thing about driving is brake failure. As the most basic, most important and core technology of active safety, braking is almost the key to vehicle safety. Sometimes we will encounter the brake is not completely out of order, but obviously feel the pedal is low and soft when braking, and obviously feel the braking force is not enough. If the improvement effect is not obvious, or the brake system has already reached the service life, it needs to be replaced and repaired immediately. Most drivers find the deviation of cars, the first idea is to do the four round of positioning, in fact, otherwise. There are many reasons for car deviation, for example, the degree of tread pattern wear will vary, the design of the suspension system is problematic or the injury, deformation, displacement and so on. Although there are many reasons, it is the most important thing to mention that when the vehicle is running away, the car owners pay attention to whether the tire and suspension system are abnormal. Lowering the pressure in the front wheel of the steering wheel or in the other direction will improve the slight deviation. If it can not be improved, it will be checked at the professional repair plant. When used for a long time, it is unavoidable to wear out, when the door is loose, or when the key is rotated, the mistake is strong and strong, so as not to bring unnecessary loss. Open the front door, in the side will see a plastic cover, open to see a screw inside, loosening a few circles, from the outside can pull out the lock core, there is a wire button on the handle, adjust the tension line can be tight. The screw of the rear door is blocked by the seal, and the hand is fiddled with the hand. Before the installation is installed, the lock core is coated with grease so that the handle and lock on the door will be easy and easy to recover. When motor vehicles are used, especially in areas with poor road conditions, fuel tanks may be damaged. If the oil tank is found to be leaking, wipe the oil spill clean, apply soap or bubble gum to the oil spill, and temporarily play a role of blockage. If there is a condition, it is better to repair with epoxy resin adhesive. After the constant test of cold and hot weather, many of the rubber parts of the vehicle will have natural aging, and if the pipeline of oil transportation has an aging leakage not only affects the normal driving of the car, but also triggering the danger of spontaneous combustion. So the direct solution to this problem is to solve the problem of plugging first. When oil pipe oil leakage should be immediately stopped, close the engine, and check out the leakage point, and then clean the surface of the oil leakage, then soapy or bubble sugar plugging in the leakage, and then carefully wrapped with a rubber cloth, make do to the nearest repair shop to repair as soon as possible. For a long time, all kinds of pipelines are aging. If they break, they will continue to run. If the pipe is broken, the inflatable leather tube can be used in the car to take the appropriate length, and the ends are inserted into the broken pipe, and then the wire and the rubber cloth are tightened so as to ensure no leakage. The pipe near the horn is most easily broken. If this situation is encountered, the pipe is removed first, file flat or smooth pipe break head, with the cross and taper of the punch, gently prying around the mouth of the pipe, you can do a simple bell. In this way, the oil is not leaking in the same way. When the motor vehicle is used, such as the oil leakage of the engine oil pipe joint, it is caused by the fact that the oil pipe horn and the oil pipe nut are not sealed. The cotton yarn can be wrapped around the horn of the horn, then the tubing nut is tightened with the tubing joint, and the bubble gum or maltose can be chewed into a paste, and it is applied to the nut seat of the tubing. When the hose is used for a long time, it will be aging and easy to break. If the radiator is flooded, the hose is broken during the driving, and the high temperature water spatter will form the large mass of water vapour out of the engine cover. When this phenomenon occurs, the parking should be immediately chosen in the safe place, and then the emergency measures should be taken to solve the problem. . When the radiator is inflow, the hose joints are most easily leaking and leaking. Then the damaged parts can be cut off with a scissors, then the hose is reinserted into the radiator intake joint and fastened with the card or wire. If the crack is in the middle part of the hose, you can use the rubber cloth to tie the leaking hole and wipe the hose clean before it is wrapped. After the leakage part is dry, the rubber cloth is wrapped around the water leakage of the hose. Because the water pressure in the hose is high when the engine works, it is necessary to tighten the rubber cloth. If there is no adhesive tape on hand, you can first wrap the plastic paper on the crack, then cut the old cloth into strips and wrap it around the hose. Sometimes the hose has larger cracks, and it may leak after wrapping. At this time, the lid of the water tank can be opened to reduce the pressure in the channel and reduce leakage. After taking the above measures, the engine speed can not be too fast, to try to hang upscale driving, and should pay attention to the pointer position of the water temperature meter in the driving, and find that when the water temperature is too high, it is necessary to stop the cooling or replenish the cooling water. Of course, the most important thing is to replace the new water pipes as soon as possible. Fan belts are usually made of A type triangular belts, because they are relatively thin rubber products, which are easy to wear and break. Therefore, the fan belt is necessary for driving. But in fact, due to improper replenish or other reasons, there are not many people who often have spare fan belts on the car. So we often see cars on the road that are broken due to the breakage of the fan belts, which do not have spare parts and cause the engine to overheat. Usually the fan belt is not suddenly cut off, most of the situation is that the rubber part is worn first because of the long unadjusted relaxation, and the cracked belt causes the belt to break out of the belt. Therefore, it is not difficult to find out if it can be checked as early as possible. But many people often ignore the inspection at this time, think that the belt is not careful to fall off in the rotation, then continue forward, the result makes the belt rift deeper and deeper, finally completely disconnected, can not continue forward. If it is found later, the belt will be broken on the way, it will stop charging immediately, and the warning light will light up. At this point, you should stop immediately, otherwise it will soon cause the engine to overheat and still can not continue to drive. The broken fan belt is printed on the top of the belt. The car repair shop can not be found at the moment, and can take the original belt and purchase it according to the size specified above. If you can not buy, you can also think of ways to buy or borrow a pair of nylon stockings, the crankshaft, water pump, generator three belt disc to scratch, try to tighten a dead knot, and the remaining part of the cut off. This way, if you do not travel very fast, you can safely drive the car back. If not at night, it is not very far from the destination, just to connect the crankshaft and the pump belt, to reduce the load, at the same time, the two wheels are easier to tighten. The throttle should be eased in the course of driving. Otherwise, if the oil is too strong, the nylon stockings will slip and carry the belt pulley.