Carbon storage - problems that can not be ignored in modern automobile maintenance
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The rapid development of the automobile industry and the wide application of electronic technology in the automobile make the fuel economy, safety, reliability and comfort of the automobile greatly improved and improved. This mechatronics has also made fundamental changes in the overall structure, working principles and use and maintenance of automobiles. Most of the previous maintenance experience comes from the carburetor engine vehicle based on mechanical linkage. Its compatibility is large. Even if there are many carbon deposits in the system, it will not affect the normal operation of the engine and the normal operation of the vehicle. However, in order to improve the dynamic performance of the engine and meet people's driving needs as much as possible to improve the engine's dynamic performance, the design and construction of the modern automobile engine will be more and more precise. For example, the distance between the top of the engine piston and the valve is only 1mm, so that a high precision engine will not allow any impurity (carbon deposit). Undoubtedly, in modern automobiles, the occurrence of coke deposition will bring about problems like this. All of these will require that every member of our car repair must continue to add new maintenance knowledge, adjust the maintenance idea and formulate the best solution.