Check and clean the throttle body
  • Automotive

During the operation of an EFI engine, a small portion of the gas produced by the combustion of the combustible gas in the cylinder will generate a small amount of carbon through the intake valve and the intake pipe at the throttle body. After the engine is extinguished, the oil vapor in the intake pipe condenses into liquid and accumulated in the throttle body. In addition, air filtered through the air filter, especially after long time air filters, will remain in the throttle body. The amount of these organs is not very large, but the accumulation of a lot of time will be in the throttle body in the formation of scale, causing the throttle switch resistance increases, the engine idling instability and other failures. Therefore, dismantling and cleaning throttle body is a basic operation item in modern vehicle maintenance. Next, we introduce the inspection and cleaning process of Fukang AX (automatic block) car throttle body.