How to handle clutch failure in detail?
  • Automotive

When the engine is idle, the clutch pedal has been trampled to the end, but it is difficult to gear. After hanging up, the clutch pedal has not been released. The car has been exercised or flameout. Two. Check: remove the bottom cover of the clutch, put the transmission into the neutral gear and follow the clutch to the bottom. Then, use a screwdriver to move the follower. If you can easily rotate, it shows that the clutch is separated well; if the dial is not fixed, it shows that the clutch is not completely separated. Three, exclude: 1, check the clutch pedal free travel is too large, and adjust. 2, check whether the height of the separation lever is consistent and whether it is too low. When the separation lever is moved under the car, the front end of the separation bearing is leaned gently on the end face of the separation lever, and the clutch is rotated for a week to check. If the inner end of the separation lever can not be in contact with the separation bearing at the same time, it is indicated that the height of the separation lever is not consistent, and the adjustment should be made. If the separation lever is highly consistent and still not completely separated, the lever height must be checked. The separation lever should be adjusted to the same height. If it can be completely separated, it shows that the original adjustment is improper or worn out. After the separation lever is adjusted, the free travel of the clutch pedal must be readjusted. 3, if the above adjustment is normal, still not complete separation, it is necessary to dismantle the clutch, check whether the driven disk is in the reverse, the axial movement is difficult, the main and the slave disk is warped, the lever screw is loose, and the floating pin falls off. 4, for the new riveted friction disc clutch, check whether the driven plate and the friction disc are too thick. If it is too thick, gaskets can be added between the clutch cover and the flywheel. 5, for the hydraulic transmission of the clutch, in addition to the above inspection, it should also check the lack of brake fluid, the leakage of the pipe and the discharge of the air in the hydraulic system.