Troubleshooting of Honda flying in use
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I am the owner of FIT. Recently, I found that the power window of the right front door is obviously slower than the other three. How do I solve it? Interpretation: the flying car is generally relatively new, and there will be no problems. In general, the spring sand in Beijing is relatively large. It is possible that the glass orbit has entered the dust, causing the frictional resistance between the glass and the trough to increase. It is recommended to do some cleaning. It is better to use the special rubber cleaner for the brand. When the FIT car was in place and in the process of driving, the gearbox had a loud noise. What's the matter? Interpretation: if it is manually blocking the car, the owner may choose to make such a noise when the gear is not properly selected or when the clutch is not completely separated. If the sound is not related to the operation, it should be checked at the maintenance station. This problem will not occur in general automatic block cars. I am a new car owner. When I encounter bumpy road, do I have irregular metallic noise on the right rear wheel? Interpretation: This is an abnormal phenomenon. First check its own tire pressure is not standard; again after the frame up, check the chassis suspension and connection is normal, the car in the factory when the car is sure no problem; finally should consider the owner is not often the uneven road, leading to the chassis problems. Does the flying degree use the chassis armor? Interpretation: if the car often runs on better road conditions in the road, it is not necessary to install; if you often go out for fun and often run the road with poor road conditions, it is recommended to install the chassis armor. After installing chassis armor, if it is not the original parts, it may involve troublesome maintenance problems. FIT audio system disc exit when the disk is particularly hot, is there any problem? Interpretation: if you listen to a few songs, it's just the heat of the disc, which means that the CD system is no problem. FIT before the light is not bright enough how to do? Interpretation: the brightness of headlamps must be adequate because they conform to national standards or vehicle factory standards. As for the problem of high and low, because each person uses the habit of using headlights differently, some people may feel that they are not high enough and can not adjust their height enough. FIT do you want to pull the high speed? Interpretation: "pulling high speed" is a former carburetor car or that time is more popular in that time, because the processing precision and the material of the parts of the time did not reach the present level. But for today's cars, the significance of pulling high-speed is not very big. If you have a chance to make a big car, you can avoid too much carbon deposition. Does 38831.comFIT need to install an anti-theft device? Interpretation: FIT itself has no anti-theft device. If the owner wants to install it, it is recommended to do it in a professional shop. Do you need to step on the clutch when FIT starts? Interpretation: if the gear is in neutral, then clutch is not allowed. In order to be safe, no matter whether the vehicle is in neutral or not, it should step on the clutch, drive the car, lift the pedal slowly and drive. The latter is good for safety, because the American hand truck must clutch before starting. Does a new car use a antiwear agent? Interpretation: it is best not to add antiwear agent when the new car is running in. All the machinery in the new car's running in phase should have a best working condition. If the antiwear agent is added, some small parts can not reach the best running in state. How can the tuning of the FIT sound box be the best? Interpretation: this parameter involves its own preferences and needs to be adjusted according to its own needs. FIT automatic block in Beijing more blocking the use of S block, is it better than using D to save fuel? Interpretation: oil saving can not be generalized. The S gear is a sport mode. When it is in S gear, when the car accelerates, the speed will be quicker because its shift speed is higher than that of D gear. In this case, the effect of S block speed increase is good, and fuel consumption must be increased. It is possible to drive the D gears directly on the ordinary road. FIT the first 5000 kilometers plus 93 oil, after changing 97, found that when the start of the sound is not clear before, why? Interpretation: the compression ratio of flying is higher than that of accord, and this problem usually does not appear. Which may involve Sinopec and PetroChina's oil additives are different, so sometimes there will be some impact on the car. FIT automatic block using S block and L block on the road after 3 minutes, there is a paste smell, what's wrong? Interpretation: when the engine speed is high, the heat will also increase, the odour caused by the heating of the decorative parts, or the three yuan catalyst will produce paste taste. If the road is smooth, the two blocks should not be used frequently. There is a squeezing sound near the left A column of my car. Interpretation: first check the gap between the dashboard and the A column decoration panel, because the FIT's door seal is the two layer device, if the lubrication is not good or there is dirty things, on the bump Road, the door and dashboard will have a certain degree of distortion, forming noise.