Old car owners' experience in winter cars
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Continuous low-temperature weather has caused many owners to have new car worries. Should we wash the car after the snow? What are the notices for car washing in the winter? How do you remove the snow from the body? What are the notices for parking? Here, we might as well share the experience of the old car owners in winter. Car washing after snow helps to protect car paint from cold weather in winter, and many owners reduce the frequency of car washing. To remind you, don't think that snowy days save car washing. In fact, snow contains corrosive components, whether it is lacquer, chassis or tires, hubs, long-term snow cover will cause harm. It is suggested that you can wash the car in time after the snow. If it is not convenient to wash the car room, you can use your own water to wash away the snow. Mr. Wang told reporters that the trick of washing cars in winter is to prepare a towel for yourself. After washing the car, the car washing workers usually rubbed it relatively coarser. The owner can dry the door sealing strip with a towel and prevent the door from freezing. Do not have a central lock on the car, be careful not to let the keyhole water. In addition, it is best not to park the car outside the car after washing the car in the evening. After washing the car, it is better to run a warm breeze and run the water out of the seams and windows. How should we deal with the snow in front of the windshield and snow in winter? The driver, who has been driving for many years, told reporters that when the snow screen in front of winter is thicker, do not use the rain to wipe away the snow immediately. Many owners will be used to opening the wiper when they see snow. This will easily damage the wipers, especially in freezing weather. Even if there is no obvious fault in the wiper after snow, it is easy to damage the rubber bar of the wiper. The right thing to do is to start the car first, open the hot air, blow the front window, and then remove the snow with a brush or towel. If there is an icing phenomenon, the residue can be removed by means of ice scoop or plastic scraper. When the snow is basically clean and the snow and ice on the windshield melts, the car owners will be able to use the wipers properly. When using tools to remove snow and ice, try to move along the same direction. Do not scrape back and forth to prevent scratching of glass from hard objects left on glass. Some hasty owners like to use hot water to defrost the snow, so that the sudden heat is easy to break the window glass, the wiper is deformed, and the car paint will be hurt, and it is suggested that the owner of the car do not use it. During the Spring Festival, pay attention to fireproof and explosion-proof in winter, it is best to stop the car to the underground parking lot in winter. If there is no parking lot, try to avoid parking for the night in the place where the water is accumulated. If the car stops in a place where there is water, the ice will freeze the tire with the pavement in the evening, and it may cause the tire tread deformation in the morning when the vehicle is started. after the snow, try not to stop under the tree to prevent the branches, or the frozen ice or ice fall to the car, causing damage to lacquer and sunroof. If the second day is snow, a large towel or newspaper can be placed between the windshield wiper and the windshield wiper. The towel and the newspaper can be removed directly after the snow. In order to prevent icing on the interface between the glass and the wiper at night, the wiper can be lifted after stopping. However, if the wind is strong in the evening, it is not recommended to support the windshield wipers, so that the windshield wipers will be scraped down and the windshield will be broken. During the Spring Festival, the most important thing for parking is fireproofing and explosion protection. If someone sets off firecrackers around the parking space, the alarm should be closed when parking, so as to prevent the alarm from ringing off the bottle and storing electricity, resulting in second days' beating. In addition, firecrackers will damage car paints when they are blown to car paints. They may consider wearing cars and explosion-proof car clothing. With the decrease of air temperature, various or new or old vehicles begin to have small problems such as unburning, idle speed, and so on, especially for cars that are long or long. In fact, as long as we learn some maintenance knowledge, some key parts will be kept on time to avoid some of the possible small hair glass one question: snow, the chassis will be corroded, how to maintain the chassis? Answer: as the saying goes, "rotten cars first rot bottom" is the truth. It is suggested that the car owners go to the professional service station to carry out the chassis armor, that is to spray a layer of protective glue on the chassis, which can effectively protect the chassis from corrosion, and can also play a role in resisting the impact of the pavement stone and reducing the noise. Q: in winter, how should we deal with the situation between the wiper blade and the windshield? Answer: winter temperature is low. After the car stops overnight, dew may be frozen. Therefore, check whether the wiper blade is bonded to windscreen. Don't blindly use hand to pull or start wipers. You should send motor cars to warm up and let the temperature rise automatically. In addition, it is better to use antifreeze glass water in winter. Check the level of glass water regularly and make up for it in time. Q: how do you choose to use brake fluid? Answer: owners should not choose a low cost brake fluid, because the cheap brake fluid in the market is mostly fake and inferior alcohol brake fluid. This kind of brake fluid will precipitate white solid when the temperature is below zero 5 degrees Celsius in winter. It will be frozen when it is below zero 25 degrees Celsius. The performance of anti low temperature is very poor, and it will also produce gas resistance in the pipeline of the brake system, and have the swelling effect on the rubber. It is very easy to cause brake failure. Therefore, the owners should choose a formal and professional automobile repair service station and choose a regular product with quality assurance, so do not covet the low price. Q: how to maintain the glass lift system of high grade cars? Answer: high-end cars, glass lift system is fully automatic electronic control. Therefore, we should minimize the use of water guns to wash windows and doors when washing cars. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the lifter to rise. The reason for this failure is that after water enters the sealing strip, it will absorb the glass and increase the resistance of the lifting glass. Serious will also enter the motor, resulting in motor failure, so that the driving power down.