Troubleshooting and maintenance of common faults of golf cars
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1. After the door is locked, the alarm is ringing. Gore's burglar alarm will whistle for alarm only after the door or hood has been removed. If the above conditions are mentioned above, it is necessary to check the doors and engine covers. Open the front cover and press the contact switch of the front cover with your hand. If it is good, raise the contact switch and make it contact fully after the front cover is closed; if it is not, check the contact switch of the door and the contact switch of the rear cover to the maintenance station. 2, the 1500 kilometers of Gore, when running in special circumstances to change to the 1 gear, the battery lights will be bright, but immediately extinguished, the car is still normal. In this case, it may be because the engine has been greatly fluctuated, and the battery is in virtual connection. It may cause this situation in a moment, and it is suggested to check the wire of the car first. 3. Gol's new car deviated to the right, and it was normal after positioning. But after two days, it was slightly off the track. After positioning the gol car, it only ensures the accuracy of the wheel alignment under temporary circumstances, and there will be a change with the use of the car. According to the above statement, it is possible to walk more bumps and bigger falls within two days; if you like the road, it may cause the misalignment of wheel positioning in a very short time. If there is no such situation, go to the 4S shop and see if the chassis screws are fixed when positioning. 4, a gore car, running mileage of 15200km, in the medium speed (speed 80km/h, engine speed 2000rpm), the engine lost speed phenomenon (speed down 200rpm). Sometimes it's a few seconds, sometimes a little longer, and then the engine is back to work. The time interval of the lost speed fault is not regular. Through our overhaul, the failure of the fuel pump relay, the electric fuel pump, the fuel supply system and the intake system, the oxygen sensor, the electronic control system components, the high pressure ignition of the engine and so on have been eliminated. Finally, it is found that the fault is due to the grounding line of the ECU and the negative electrode of the battery. Even bad, cause the engine computer to appear instantaneous control disorder and occasional fault. Because of this fault, the engine computer in the middle speed will appear instantaneous injection control disorder, so that the concentration of mixed gas does not meet the requirements to cause power decline, the need to the maintenance station to handle and clean the connection, the lock can not be opened. There is a car owner reaction that the door lock in the door has problems, unlock do not know how can not open, when encountered such problems, do not worry, is the problem of the sensitivity of the lock, the owner to the maintenance station to adjust the sensor. 6. The air conditioning is not refrigerated. First open the air conditioning AC switch for 2-3 minutes, and then touch the air conditioning low pressure tube in the engine room, that is, even to the air conditioning compression pump two and the pipe in the coarse one, if very cold, should be very ice hand, it should be the air conditioning control panel inside the bad, need to be replaced; if it is not cold, if it is not cold, It is short of air conditioning refrigerant. Remind the car to clean up and replace the filter element of the air intake hood in time, so that the air conditioner will be more cold and fuel efficient. Experts recommend: 1, brake oil regularly changed. There is a regular replacement of brake fluid in maintenance projects, but many owners do not know. The brake oil is better replaced after a year. This is because the brake oil has a strong water absorption characteristic, it will absorb the water in the surrounding air. When the water reaches a certain proportion, the boiling point of the brake oil will be reduced, which will lead to the gas resistance in the brake line, which directly affects the performance of the brake. At the same time, the water will corrode the brake line, which will cause the internal valves of the ABS (anti lock brake) hydraulic assembly to be damaged or stuck, which will seriously affect the safety of driving. 2, in order to avoid obstructing the clutch pedal and brake pedal, the owner must pay attention to the correct placement of the floor mats and be fixed and reliable. 3, every 5000 kilometers after driving, to the professional repair station for regular maintenance. Points for attention: 1. Gol must finish warming up before starting the car for the first time. Temperature affects a variety of friction coefficient, only when the temperature reaches the normal condition, can achieve normal coordination standard; if there is no preheating, directly open up, this time the car load is larger, the wear of the engine components is also relatively large. Generally speaking, 60% to 80% wear is worn out during abnormal startup. But when starting normally, the damage to engine is very little. So when the temperature is relatively low, wait for the car to warm up before driving. 2, the correct operation mode of CD machine. The use of on-board CD player is a big problem. When using, you should pay attention to the quality of discs, not to use pirated discs, or discs with poor quality. It is also important to note that when the disc is placed in the disc, the label on the disc is removed. If the label is not removed, the label will be baked for a long time in the CD machine, and the card is easily broken down on the CD machine, and the CD machine will be damaged seriously when it is serious.